September 21st, 2008

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Head Of The Class

Head Of The Class
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X HAU
Rating: Adult
Warning: Contains very adult content. Strong language
and sexual activity of the m/m nature.
Disclaimer: I tried to buy them but they apparently
aren't for sale so I own none of the products or characters
named in this story and make no money from it.

Summary: Kindergarten teacher Xander meets porn star Spike.

Additional notes: Along with the wonderful banner, a big thanks
to the brilliant Petxnd who encouraged me and offered plot

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Thing/Drabble: Seasons of Eternity

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Seasons of Eternity
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG maybe
Feedback: Suit yourself, just no permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Warnings/Squicks: none really
Summary: This is one of those writings Mys generally labels as a ”Thing” ’cause she doesn’t know exactly what it is, it’s not quite fic and not quite poetry… it’s just a thing.

AN: So Mys woke up with a line in her head this morning and had to get it out... the rest of the words just seemed to come with it so, yeah...
Also, 's not beta'd so don't go blaming Xandra for any mistakes, she hasn't laid eyes on the thing, lol.

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FIC: Family Bonds Chapter 64 WIP

Title: Family Bonds
Pairing: Spander
Rating: ADULT
Summary: After his relationship with Anya fizzles out, Xander and Spike become lovers. Xander’s insecurities lead him to seek help from Tara. She discovers a secret from Xander’s past.
Notes: AU begins S6 replacing Hells Bells. No Dawn, Buffy didn’t die, no Season 6 Spuffy.
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss and Co. Damn them. And bless them.
Other chapters are here 

Beta thanks tojilly_james

(Chapter 64)


looking for fics

I am looking for some s/x fics

1. Spike notices submissive tendencies when Xander sleeps and takes advantage of it to train him. At one point Spike saves Xander from his father and there is an old Chinese woman (maybe not human - don't remember) who helps Xander. I think that Spike and Xander end up getting an apartment together.

2. This one has abused Xander as well. Spike & Xander move into a mansion that Spike owns. I think that Xander's father at one point hunts him down to abuse him some more. Buffy helps Spike get past the pain in his chip so he can torture Xander dad. I think that there is something about finding a way to make Xander immortal so that they can stay together with him being turned.

3. I would also like if any one can point me to any other good fics containing bonding, dominant!Spike (as long as it isn't simply abusive), abused Xander saved by spike, Spike & xander against Buffy and/or Angel, or any other fics that you think that no Spike/Xander fan should miss (I prefer really long fics but will be happy with whatever I can get).

Thanks in advance.