October 11th, 2008

fics recs?

i'm realy in the mood to read some s/x shower fics anything from cute cuddling andwashing each other to hardcore NC-17 i just don't want it to be too angsty and no vamp!xander or human!spike and not AU please other than that please rec. any fics you can think of. thanx.

Looking For A Fic

I first want to say thanks to for all who replied with links when I was looking for a fic!

Second, I'm looking for another fic.

1. Xander has a Spike bot.

I know it's similar to my earlier request of Spike having a Xander bot, but I thought it would be interesting to have the table turned.

2. Once More With Feeling type fic where Spike's love for Buffy is replaced with Xander's love.

It basically follows the show's storyline but with Xander instead of Buffy...and I hope it's not a sad ending like with Buffy or I'll cry. XD
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(no subject)

i'm hoping this doesn't get deleted... i'm asking for a Spander fic as well!
i'm looking for somewhere i can post a fic-search that ISN'T Spander *gasp* i know, sometimes i read something that doesn't have Spike in it... or at least i think it doesn't! the fic i'm looking for is Xander-based... help please! my google-fu has failed!
anyway, i'm ALSO looking for a X/S fic; i remember an old chinese-like demon who is friendly with Spike, but who also helps the baddy? and there is a spear that Xander isn't supposed to touch but does anyway... i hope this rings a bell! thanks muchly in advance,
cheers! *crosses fingers*
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Ayla Rouge

Looking for long novel like fics

So I'm looking for some really good long novel like Spender fics. Any kind that you guy's have found good I would love to read. Anything would be good but Spender plus, any one where Spike and/or Xander dies, has really bad spelling/grammar and anyone that one or both boys are just being used by the other. I like angst and lovely-dovely fics. I also like sad fics that make me cry but all of them must have a happy ending. I don't do sad endings. Not a good read I say. And I would like them all to be completened. I hate waiting on an author that never updates, even more so if it's a really good fic.

Much thanks to thoughs who help me.

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Fic type search...

I was hoping you good people could help me find a fic(s). What I'm looking for is fics where they don't immediately get together. Let me see if I can explain that better. It seems like most of the fics I read with Spander have Xander and/or Spike crazy lusting after each other and as soon as they find out it's mutual they become all lovey dovey and smooches. That's nice but I was wondering are there any fics where it takes them awhile to get to the lovey dovey stuff? Maybe slowly falling in love or even at the beginning of the fic hating each other but circumstances allow them to get to know each other and fall in love? Happy endings a must and the longer the better. :) (No vamp!Xander, please, but Xander with some kind of powers is fine. Thanks)

Thanks for the help.