October 28th, 2008

Spander Date Fic

Hello fellow Spander readers. I was looking for a fic I read where Spike and Xander go on a date but Spike denies it's a date and at the end of the story, Spike says that if Xander tells anyone about it not only will he deny it but he will not give him sex.

Sound familiar?
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Fic Search Again ;p

Sorry to bother you people, but I've been searching for a S/X fic for a while, and since I can seem to remember where I found it a while ago, this is taking some time. So I thought maybe you could help ^^

So there: I think it was a multi-chapter fic, but I'm not sure. Xander come back to his basement room and find Spike jacking off in front of the telly. The vampire wanted to destabilize/upset him, and Xander decide that he had enough of being pushed around. He flop down next to Spike, shove off his pants and began masturbating along with Spike. I remember that he asks him 'what are we watching today?' or something like that. Spike is completely stunned and somehow they finish in a sixty nine.

I think that in the following chapters they more or less end up in a kind of strange relationship with Xander moving to a new apartment and Spike following sooner or later.

Anyway, this tells you something, please?

Anyssia ^^
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