November 18th, 2008


rec me some more?

Okay, I got such good recs when I asked for favorite super hot pwps, that I thought I'd try again with another craving I have.

Spike/Xander in which spike takes care of xander for whatever reason (for example, one of the recs I got last time was Bargain by Katharina and even though Spike is [sort of] abusing him, he's all gentle and sweet and then he starts to care about Xander and take care of him, especially when he gets a headache from trying to hurt Spike).

Get the idea? But it can be any reason spike is taking care of xander, abusive parent, scooby related injury, vulnerable everyone ignores/doesn't care about Xander, that kind of thing.

But I'd like your favorites and bonus points for fics with super hotness mixed in with the care.

I have a massive craving for a spike who is being gentle (and caring) while still totally being (or trying to be) his bad ass self.

Am I demanding or what?

Thanks in advance for any help.

(though I am specifically craving spike taking care of xander, if you've got some awesome good recs for xander taking care of spike, too, lay them on me)