December 18th, 2008



I know that this one has been requested before, but new computer = lost links.  And I can't remember title or author ( of course) so here's the gist of it.    The one with Isis. She is trapped in the form of a snake and Xander takes care of her.  There's also a reappearance of Angelus, Angel's involved with Doyle, and Drusilla is there as well. Also Graham becomes obsessed with Xander and stalks him, has a little shrine to him etc., etc. and super creepy.

Like I said, I know that this one has been searched for a few times, and I apologize, but I just can't find it. 

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I am looking for a Spander fic. It is a future fic where Spike & Xander's daughter has to go back in time with other scoobie kids to deal with someone who turns evil. It is a wonderful heartwrenching story. Does this sound familar to anyone?