December 30th, 2008

  • bmblbee

New Fic: Wishes and Wants

Title: Wishes and Wants.
Chapter 1 and additional notes

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Very NC17!
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters, products or articles
mentioned in this story and gain no monetary profit from it.

Summary: This story is the follow up to Happy Birthday. It answers the
question so many people had about what the girls would think when they
realize that their fake gift brought Spike and Xander together.
Happy Birthday can be found here:

Willow and Buffy are feeling guilty about their fake gift and are concerned
they haven't heard from Xander in days. When they check on him, they
find him with Spike. In shock, they decide to do a real spell to give their
friend his hearts desire, hoping to show him how happy he would be without
the vampire.

Warning: This story is a pointless, spornographic bit of fantasy, fluff and
sex. The author does NOT endorse the bizarre sexual techniques or
situations this story contains. (O.k., some of them are......never mind)

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  • qualru

The Right Tool; Chapter 8/18

Title: The Right Tool
Chapter Title: Chapter 8: Home
Author: qualru /whichclothes 
Pairing: Spike/Xander (mainly)
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Obviously, I'm not Joss Whedon
Summary: AU after BtVS Season 3.
Warnings: I hate spoilery warnings, so let's just assume that dark stuff, non-con, m/m, BDSM, occasional character death, violence, kinks, language, and other fun things like that are likely to happen here.
Author's Note: This is my very first fanfic. There are 18 chapters, and I'll post a new one every day. It's pretty dark at times. If the first few paragraphs squick you, you might want to skip this one. Comments are muchly, muchly appreciated! Many thanks to bogwitch  for checking my British! And thank you to sueworld2003 for the wonderful, not-worksafe illustration!

For those who have been waiting patiently, today's chapter is definitely more Spandery.

Previous chapters here.

He knows he is in the cell a long time... )