February 12th, 2009

Drabble: Weight of the World

Author: Cobalt Mystic
Title: Weight of the World
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG for boys sharing a bed
Feedback: Mys has decided that she actually likes FB, so… constructive crit is fine, just be prepared for Mys to defend/explain her choices, and try not to do any permanent damage, k.
Disclaimer: Just playing with the pretty kittens. Unfortunately, they are not mine, but I will gladly groom and bathe them before sending them back home to Daddy (aka Joss/Mutant Enemy/et al).
Warnings/Squicks: esoteric writing and mythological references
Summary: Yet another in the long line of random, internal Spikey moments…
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Carnivale Mystique

Title: Carnivale Mystique
Author: BmblBee
Rating: NC17
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or products named in this
story and make no profit from it.

Summary: A mysterious carnival appears on the outskirts of Sunnydale.
Despite the sudden disappearance of townspeople and pets, Xander is
intrigued and wants a closer look. What he gets is more than he could
have imagined.

This story is based on a suggested story idea from the lovely Mystic Oblivion.

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Procrastination = gay porn

Fic search... And yeah I'm a bit longwinded

I think I saw a link to this fic here in this community actually.... (But I forgot its name) And it is long and EPIC.

Here's some of the deal... Firsties main parring is Spander (like I read anything else *eyeroll*) and has MPreg.

The Initiative has gone public and has the full support of the majority of the populous (due to prejudice, ”religious-ness”, and propaganda) and are rounding up Demons, witches, Halfe-breeds, all manner of creatures, and human sympathizers; left right and center… Basicly anyone who can be classified as “other” in some way.  So the Scoobies finally get rounded up and Xander gets taken to this facility that’s doing all sorts of reproductive experiments on demons along with the regular torture/experimentation. (meets Spike again after a while, Xander has all sorts of procedures done on him)


Eventually, something happens and Spike and Xander, together with a Vamp (whose teeth have been removed, all of them) and some lightly furry blue demon with a small tail es el escapido… They’re in the south and find this old man who put them up and cares for them… Blah blah, I’m about to re-write the whole story *sweatdrop*


Its just that, its EPIC, and _LONG_, and MPreg, and SPANDER!  And I miss it so much… Can anybody help a long winded fangirl like moi?  I need a link…  Hugs and kisses to all that help

The Darkness Inside--Chapter 10/18

Title: The Darkness Inside
Chapter Title: 10 The Door
Author: whichclothes
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Obviously, I'm not Joss Whedon
Summary: AU after BtVS Season 3.
Warnings: I hate spoilery warnings, so let's just assume that dark stuff, non-con, m/m, torture, occasional character death, violence, kinks, language, and other fun things like that are likely to happen here.
Author's Note: This is a sequel to The Right Tool, which can be read here, or a quick summary can be found here. It's less graphic than RT, but chock full o' angst, and you should still heed the warnings. I'll post a chapter a day, and comments are muchly appreciated. Huge thanks to kid_viciouslyfor the beautiful art and to shapinglightfor vetting my British!

Previous chapters here.

I'm posting a little early because I'm really kind of excited about this chapter. I want to know what you think! It's graphic right at the beginning, but I hope you'll find it's worth it.

( Xander's awake. He thinks.... )