May 1st, 2009

FIC: Four Seasons 33/?

Title: Four Seasons
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R, only for swearing at the moment
Disclaimer: Not mine, all Joss’s.
Summary: Looking back, Spike had never worked out just how he and Harris got to where they did that summer; he couldn’t quite work out exactly where that was either.
Beta thanks to laazikaat 
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Chapter 33


Rough Diamond

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named in this story.
Warning: This story contains mention of prostitution, group sex, violence, m/m orgies
and one wild raccoon.

Summary: Xander is a male prostitute. It is his chosen occupation and he is very
happy with it. One night he takes on a group of clients with a friend and things
do not go as planned. When his friend is found murdered, homicide is called in.
Spike is a brilliant detective with OCD issues. When he is told to hide out in the
woods with the witness to protect, he gets more than he could have imagined.

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love you xan
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vague WIP spander fic search

I am looking for a fic that is a very long WIP at least 105+ parts so far. I cannot remember the title or the author, and the only part I can remember is in one of the later chapters Spike and Xander are in the cargo hold of an airplane. I do remember it was on the authors site, I have checked the Spander files but could not find it and I have also checked the tags here and had no luck as well. I know this is a terribly vague description but if anyone has any clue as to where I might look I would be greatful. Thank You.

ETA: Day of Days & Night of Nights by Sajinn.
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The Break Up

I'm not positive I should post this here, because it's more Spander through the looking glass than actual Spander, but it amused me, so I'm sharing. But the intention is definitely Spander - probably sweet, sappy Spander.

Title: The Break Up
Author: Rayne-Jelly
Summary: Xander wouldn't just leave her! There was something terribly wrong! She needed ice cream, and Hugh Grant movies, and maybe a mud-mask courtesy of her female friends...
Disclaimer: The man that owns nothing is owned by nothing.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Aside from goofiness and potential spelling mistakes? none.
Notes: This was part of a much larger, much more depressing story, but I'm re-writing that and this amused me too much to let it go so I stuck an ending on it and am calling it 'humor.'


The Break Up


Fic search

Hallo again,

this time I'm looking for stories, in which Spike interacts with Xander's kids or  vice versa Xander meeting Spike's kids.  (Or in general, stories with Spike meeting the kids of one of the scoobies.)
It'd be great if Spike was still a vampire and Xander is being a bit anxious at first because of the potential danger.

I'd be happy if you could help me again, ronjamaus.