December 14th, 2009

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Looking for a Spander fic. It's Post-Gift and it's in Dawn's POV-and possibly Tara's. remember a scene where Dawn sees Spike and Xander asleep on the couch holding hands and Tara tells her that Xan is learning to lean on him-I'm kinda paraphrasing a bit. Help?
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LFS: kept!Spike in kind of future fic?


I'm looking for this fic, Xander is in his 30ies I think and is a successful construction manager or something like that. I don't remember why but Spike lives with him and they sleep together but I don't remember if it's love. I do remember that at some point, Xander comes back home and finds Spike and Buffy in bed. He leaves and go to Japan and I think Spike finds him again?
They realize that they love each other but I think Xander can't believe it?

Please, help!


EDIT: FOUND! See comments
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