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Long time lurker, first time pleading for help to find stories I can't find. These are stories I am thinking I read a few years back because I know I had them linked, but not on the new computer and the new computer is not really new anymore and the old computer is in storage because it was evil.

1st fic I seek is one I have seen rec'd before, but couldn't find at The Spander Files and some other rec sites. Xander and Spike are arguing, I want to say set in season 4 in the basement of doom. Spike questions Xander about what Anya sees in him, and Xander explains via a blowjob that he is a viking in the sack. Oh, it was much more original than I make it sound! And hot! I loved it because in the end Xander isn't proud that he turned Spike to jello, he is resigned to the fact that sex is what he is good at. It's a lovely twist.

2nd fic is going to be a little less familiar I am thinking, but equally delicious. It was written for a fic challenge that may or may not have been S/X exclusive, but the story was S/X all the way. Spike is video taping Xander in various naughty scenarios because he knows that someday the tapes will be all he has left of Xander. Weep! But the very distinguishing naughty feature of this story was Xander was wearing woman's clothes and his skirt was riding up and you totally forget about Spike living forever and Xander being human because HOT! I haven't seen this story in a loooong time. I will adore to read it again. If it doesn't ring any bells, any suggestions of other places to seek help please.

Update - Thanks to debris_k 2nd fic is found! Off the Record by _dellamore, Also, found the 1st one, Ennui By phaelstya. Enjoy!

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