February 10th, 2010

LFS: Xander has been mind warped by Glory

Hello everyone, I am looking for a story where both Xander and Tara have been mind warped by Glory and Xander only feels safer around Spike. I remember some scenes where Spike and Xander are sitting on the couch watching tv and one where Spike is in the Kitchen getting Xander to eat weird foods. Thanks for the help and *HUGS* Lady Q
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El Cuento

El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro, parts 1 through 8 of ?

Title: El Cuento del Bucanero y del Vampiro
Authors: emelye_miller  and whichclothes 
Pairing: Spike/Xander (eventually)
Rating: So far, R. Eventually, who knows?
Disclaimer: We're not Joss
Warnings: None so far
Summary: Events begin post-Chosen, midway through AtS S5. Comics are ignored. The boys go undercover as luchadores. Image by the incredible sentine 

First eight parts here.

emelye_miller  and I are having a huge amount of fun co-writing this fic. We're taking turns writing and neither of us knows exactly where it's going, but we're having a whole lot of fun getting there. The first 8 parts are up already, and I'll post here as we update. We also have three fantastic banners by sentine , so come take a look!