February 25th, 2010


Fic Search

Hi folks - I'm looking for a fic where Xander was a stripper.  He had to sub for someone (I think it was in Oxnard) and he was so embarrassed and nervous he ended up doing this sort of geeky, awkward routine, which the crowd loved.  He stuck with stripping, and with the routine.  (They had a specific name for his act, but I don't know what it was.)  And that's pretty much all I remember.

Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.

Yes!!  :::doing the Snoopy dance:::

It's "And Now For Something Completely Different" Series by Saber ShadowKitten, located here:


Found by the wonderful

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Driving me nuts

I have spent the better part of a week looking for this fic and I can't find it.

Basically Xander and Spike are together and for some reason Xander ends up being turned and now does not think Spike loves him anymore, Spike also acts distant from Xander. I think Angel was the one to tell them to pull their heads out. Xander thought the Spike just plain did not like him and Spike looked at vamp!xander and sees his mistake or something about turning him. Angel tells Spike that vamp!xander and human!xander are one and the same and to stop pushing him away.

I know not alot to go on but hopefully someone can help me, about the only vamp!xander fanfics I like!

Found by drangonfly_64

The Offering by spikedluv