March 31st, 2010

All's Not Lost Part 7

Title: All’s Not Lost 7/10
Author: forsaken2003
Pairings: S/X, A/W
Rating: NC17 (Mild description)
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: Xander is date raped and Spike is there to help him
Warnings/Spoilers: Season 5 No Glory, No Dawn
Plot Bunny by: Lady Q: write a story where Xander is date raped
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

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Master Of Thornfield

Title: Master Of Thornfield (An S/X story. ORIGINAL WRITING with tentative links to the plot of the novel Jane Eyre)
Warnings: Set in 1850s, HAU/Historical Romance, M/M sex, angst, a little humor, OOC, varying chapter lengths. Vague, brief references to: underage sex (consensual), het sex, BDSM (mild), Sub/Dom, prostitution. Original characters.
Pairing: 100% S/X (With brief, vague mentions of heterosexual/homosexual relationships with others .)
Ubeta'd All freerange boo, boos are mine and should be left unmolested
Author: Naughty_Fae
Status COMPLETED. Posted daily.
Link to previous chapters HERE
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it and will encourage a sequel.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Additional Warning:This is a LONG, SLOW moving fic. Feelings/relationships develop gradually. Sexual situations happen throughout. I have tried to be historically accurate but I do not profess to be a historian, I have knowingly messed with some dates. At this time Homosexuality carried the Death Penalty, here it is viewed as a mere eccentricity.

Note 1: Although Sunnydale character names have been used they are NOT in their Sunnydale persona's. William Rochester= A version of Spike NOT human William as in BTVS.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for pre-reading the story and her encouragement. *Hugs*

Summary: Alexander Harris is orphaned at the age of six. He is sent to live with his wealthy but uncaring aunt Anya Jenkins in Gateshead and his three cruel cousins. Aged eight he is sent away to Lowood School For Boys and endures life there for ten miserable years, eight as a student and two as an assistant teacher. At last aged eighteen he is free to leave and secures employment at Thornfield as Tutor to the bright, temperamental and eccentric Drusilla and meets The Master of Thornfield, the handsome, aloof, passionate, possibly dangerous and mysterious William Rochester.

Chapter 21/138

Rating: NC17 Overall

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looking for ... you know...

I just rememberd some details about a fic I read a while ago and I´d like to read it again (duh).

Xander joined the Army amd was some higher up in a demon fighting section. He rescues Spike from some institution (the initiative?) and persuades him to join the fight. Xanders group feeds Spike their blood. There is a theory: a vampire feeds 3 times of you and you can be turned without draining you. Spike saves a couple of soldiers by giving them his blood.
Buffy and Willow are the evil ones in this fic. At least till it got out that Tara was taken prisoner by some evil men and repeatedly raped. Willow agreed to work for them if they let Tara go. She also takes Taras memorys of her capture into herself to help Tara.
Later on Spike and his childe are captured and tortured by Buffy and Riley.

Can you help?

PS: A while back I was looking for a fic in which Spike didn`t escape the Initiative. He became a Tracker with Riley as his Master. If you are interested, I found it again by accident at the Sandlot Fic.
It´s called "Seventeen, not so Hostile" by Lore.

The Sound of Drums, 3/?

Title: The Sound Of Drums 3/?
Author: zowiebwalker 
Pairing: S/X, other pairings might or might not be
Rating: R...language
Disclaimer: Not Joss or Mr. Davies or anyone important, just a little weird. The title belongs to Doctor Who-Series 3, episode 12.
Warnings: EAU-extreme alternate universe, character death-sorta, Time Lords, crazy plotline. Longest monologue I've ever written.
Summary: Spike needed a miracle. He got one in the form of Xander and The Doctor.
A/N: So, I watched four series of Doctor Who in one week and thought: What if the W&H battle actually mattered to the Time War. And what if one of the Scoobies was a Time Lord, not like the Master or the Doctor. Also, Radiohead's "Airbag" convinced me to try and see what I could come up with.

A/N 2: Hope you like it! Kinda nervous about this chapter.

Chapter Three
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Readjustment 13/15

Title: Readjustment 13/15
Author: [info]texanfan 
Rating: PG-13 for language
Summary: Sequel to Reassembling. Principal Wood's arrival wrecks more havoc than anyone could imagine
Beta read by the wonderful [info]incandragon

Reassembling can be found at:
Previous chapters at:

AN: This chapter contains heavy borrowing from the episode Grave.


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