December 23rd, 2010

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35/37 & Epilogue
Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spander, baby. All the way
Rating: NC17 for strong language and M/M sexual content
Warnings: See above. All that and a bag of chips
Disclaimer: The Bee claims no profit off the characters or products used in this story.
However, the Bee does own the story itself. Please do not take without

Summary: During a night of celebrating his newly purchased property, a rundown farm
house, Xander has one too many and is stopped for DUI. With the jails already
overcrowded, he finds himself on house arrest in that very same delapidated, isolated
house. With one surprise. His house is not as empty as he thought.
There are vampire squatters living in the basement.

Special thanks to Naughty_Fae for the encouragement and to Silk_ Labyrinth for the
spelling and punctuation beta. Any other errors are on the Bee.

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The Bee knows everyone is busy with the holidays and appreciates those readers
who continue to spend time with me each day to read and comment.

Chapter 35

Fic search please (if theyre still allowed?)

Xander is a wizard or something and he's being tutored by Ethan.  I don't remember much - Giles and Ethan are brothers, Willow tries to do a spell on Xander but he's protected so he goes a little but hyena on them....  Oh - and Spike's there too of course ;-) I can't find it on Spander (doesn't mean it isnt there, I prob can't see the wood for the trees lol)