March 16th, 2011

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Bloodclaim Graphics Poll v2 - open until 23.59pm GMT March 22nd

Almost six years ago, I posted a poll here to decide whether or not banners should be allowed above the lj-cut. The majority of votes were for a flat 'no', and so the rules were amended accordingly. Since then, only 2 or 3 teaser icons for graphics posts have been allowed, but in recent months, I've been turning a blind eye as banners have slowly started appearing again.

As broadband has become more prevalent, and graphics have become more commonplace, I decided it was time to ask the question(s) again. (I am foregoing an lj-cut to make sure as many people see this as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience.)

Poll #1718332 Bloodclaim Graphics Poll, V2
This poll is closed.

I am taking this poll:

By completing this poll, I hereby accept that if I say yes at any point, I am saying yes to banners of *all* qualities, including the fugly ones

Should fic banners be allowed outside the lj-cut?


If yes, what is the *maximum* size in pixels you would want to see?

I said no banners!
200x200 pxl
300x300 pxl
400x400 pxl
500x500 pxl

If yes, what is the *maximum* size in kb you would want to see?

I said no banners!
50kb (max size for an icon)

Fic Search

Greetings all, 
 I'm looking for All Fic's by Adalisa like Death Becomes Him.Mostly all of Adalisa long works like Xander,the Vampire Slayer.Right now I can't remember the other Spike/Xander stories,sorry.I have tried to contact the author but it seems the email address no longer works.I hope my asking does not offend anyone. />

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Refuge (3/14)

Title: Refuge
Author: whichclothes  
Chapter: 3 of 14
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss 
Summary: Several years post-series, Xander is a Watcher in Barcelona. A distressed Spike shows up unexpectedly at his door. 
Warnings: Violence,  brief mentions of non-con
Notes: This fic is complete and I hope to post a chapter a day, travel permitting. Many thanks to [info]silk_labyrinth , my wonderful beta; and to [info]angelstoy , who made the beautiful banner.

Previous chapters here.

The afternoon dragged on and on.... )
Icon 1

Reposting in the hope that with more info someone can help me find this fanfic

Ok this is what I can remember

1) Spike has a soul and is living with Xander
2) Spike has a job as a bouncer at a bar
3) Xander is in love with spike
4) Spike and willow are really good friends and willow knows that either spike or xander has a crush on the other one
5) There is a movie night and Xander overhears willow giving Spike a shoulder rub and thinks they are making out but then works out that they are not and Xander gives spike a shoulder rub and they both work it out and one of the girls comes in for more drinks and willow says she was sorry as she was trying to stop them to give them more time
6) There was a bit where Spike had a black eye and Xander made him put a steak on it

I have been trying to find this for ages but i can't seem to.


Sanctuary of the Seasons ~ Chapter 5 ~ Spike/Xander ~ NC17

Title: Sanctuary of the Seasons
Authors: theladymerlin
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Chapter: 5/10
Fandom: BTVS
Genre: AU
Beta (s): Thank you to the lovely wrtr_aka_wmgrg any mistakes are those of the author
Disclaimer: Not mine, all belongs to Joss
Graphic: Banner by wrtr_aka_wmgrg & Closing artwork by theladymerlin
Summary: Xander goes on a quest to another dimension to free the Dark Prince trapped in the Sanctuary.
A/N: Previous chapters found Here

Chapter ~ 5 ~ Autumn
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