October 20th, 2011


It's Been A While [S/X, Rated R]

Title: It's Been A While
Author: Skuzzbopper
Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: R
Warnings: Phonesex, and Brief Allusions To: Xander/OMC, Spike/OMC, Spike/Angel
Parts: 3/3 (Complete)
Summary: Xander finds out Spike's been uncrispied. And gets his number. Sometimes, that person you don't want to want is all you'll ever need.
Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me, and I make no profit from this story. This story is also mildly inspired by the Staind song "It's Been A While". I also do not own this song, and make no profit from its sales.
Author's Note: GOD, I missed this fandom.

It's Been A While

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Pimping A Community

The Community THE BASEMENT OF DOOM has a new owner salustra and has redecorated and opened for business. A dedicated BTVS/ATS site that takes all genres, ratings and pairings (Except Spuffy, Bangel and Buxan.) including crossovers, threesomes and moresomes and is as always Spander friendly. It particularly welcomes M/M, F/F . Because of the nature of fics there it is a MEMBERS ONLY site. Go along, take a peek and join up!


Posted with Darkhavens kind permission. Thank you
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buffyversetop5's Classic Recs to open!

A week from today, buffyversetop5 will reopen for its Classic Recs weekend. Starting at midnight GMT on October 28 (6 PM ET in the U.S. on Oct 27) we’ll be celebrating Halloween through all the time zones: Four days for you to bring your all-time favorite recs of fics, vids, graphics, anything and everything fandom has produced on the Buffyverse! All time periods before 2011 are eligible for posting and, as always, crossover content is A-OK!

Top 5 will also be open for search posts, for people who are looking for content that may have moved or disappeared in the last 14 years. If you have any questions about the session post them here