November 2nd, 2011



So I'm sure I've said this before - if not to the general populace, then at least to myself - but I'm planning on getting back to my many fics. 

As part of this I've signed up to the misery fun of  wrisomifu and am working my way quite solidly towards a Spander fic (what else?). I was wondering if there were any lovely people who would mind reading over what I have every week or so and bashing me with a grammar mallet.

Payment can be made in cookies and general godlike worship of any beta-skills given.
Blood, Sex

New writer in need of Beta

So I've just posted my first ever spander fic and it is of course un-beta'd. I am very new to writing in general and have already received some helpful hints. Now all roads lead to finding a beta who wouldn't mind helping a poor newbie out.

If anyone is interested the few chapters are already posted and I am currently working on finishing this story. Plus I have two other WIP that have been sitting on the back burner for a while.

Any help, comments, advice, or feedback would be much appreciated.

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