November 20th, 2011

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It's a writing question. Is "mad brilliant" an expression that a person from England might actually use? Or, really, that a vampire from England might use?

The Darkness Inside ~ Chapter 18 ~ Spike/Xander ~ NC17

Title: The Darkness Inside
Author: theladymerlin
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Torture, spanking,dub con and non con, graphic sex, character death
Pairing: Spike/Xander – Spike/Drusilla and Spike/Angelus implied ** (other parings in future chapters are possible – Spike/Drusilla/Xander and Spike/Angelus/Xander)**
Prompt: tamingthemuse #278 Rapid Eye Movement
Chapter: 18/20
Status: incomplete – in progress
Fandom: BtVS
Genre: Season 2 re-worked and AU
Beta (s): none, proofread
Disclaimer: not mine, all belongs to Joss
Graphic: Banner by foreverbm at grafx_requests
Summary: Drusilla captures a pretty little kitten to cheer up her ill childe.
A/N: Previous chapters can be found Here ~Thank you ~

~ Chapter 18 ~
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Blossoming Evil

Title: Blossoming Evil
Warnings: The events in School Hard go a little differently. Major character death. Actual episode dialogue used. The emphasis is on the vampires NOT the Slayer.
Rating: R (For violence, language, death, sexual situations)
Pairing: S/X (Pre-Slash) S/D (Historical)
Status: WIP and posted as often as possible.
Author: Mortal_Enemy
Comments: Concrit welcomed.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize, but this version is mine.

Summary: Spike arrives in Sunnydale with a frail Drusilla hoping the Hellmouth will restore her and plans to kill his third Slayer.

Chapter 1/?