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White Lightnin' 23/37

Title:White Lightnin' 23/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Spike sat quietly and watched Xander leave for the morning.
He knew the man had been neglecting his chores in order to
tend to Spike and his injury.

He had never known anyone as selfless as Xander.
He had taken Spike in and cared for him so well. Feeding him,
bathing him, even helping him wipe his ass.

Spike could not even imagine any of the people he worked with,
some he even considered friends, of sort, doing any thing
remotely like that.

He knew entering into a sexual relationship was probably a
stupid thing to do, but how could he not?

Being alone offered Spike the chance to look at things honestly,
and he had to admit the truth, at least to himself.
He was in love.

He had fallen hard and knew no matter what happened, his heart
would always live in this small cabin in the mountains.
Feeling clean, fed, warm, and in love, Spike rocked by the
fire and fell asleep.

Using all his stealth, Xander darted through the trees to the path
at the rear of the cabin.
Loading up the last crate from the cave, he crept toward the barn.

Keeping to the side of the cabin that had no window he spun the
dial on the padlock to the combination and opened the door.
The sight of the souped up Lincoln shining, patiently waiting,
filled him with confidence.

He had made several decisions and knew now what he wanted.
Running his hands lovingly down the side of the car, he wanted her
to be the first to know.

"This is it old girl. Our last run. We can't be destroying people's
lives any more. Can live a good life on the trapping and growing.
Maybe start to work on the cabin again. Maybe find someone
to share it with. We're gonna stop and talk to Old Joe tonight.
Everyone else can go to hell."

Xander felt light as a feather. He still had one more thing to
deal with, then he could return to the warmth of the hearth.
He could return to Spike.

Hurrying to finish, Xander did the one thing he had never done
When he left the barn he forgot to double check that the lock
had secured.

He jumped.
Startled awake. Spike looked around the cabin.
Nothing had changed.
Nothing was wrong.

Xander still hadn't returned and Spike had no idea how long he slept
or what the noise was that woke him. Reassured that all was fine, he
yawned and stretched.

He would have liked to know what the time was, but Xander had no
clocks. Didn't seem to need any. Xander always had a good notion
of the time of day without a timepiece.

Hoping to doze back off, Spike soon realized that was not going
to happen.
His bladder would not allow it.
"Damn." Straining to listen, Spike could hear no movement
outside, but figured it was worth a try.

Struggling to his feet, Spike was delighted to find he was steady
and in very little pain. Shuffling forward, he opened the door
and peered out side.
Xander was nowhere to be seen.

Spike almost hated to admit it, but he knew he was more than
capable of going out on his own. He was almost healed and
then Xander would be sending him on his way.

Making his way around to the side, he spotted the outhouse and
decided to make a go of it.
The walk was slow and his leg muscles ached and cramped,
but each step was a little easier than the last.

The air was crisp and the landscape was breathtaking.
Spike could easily see why Xander was happy to make this
his home.

Entering the toilet, the cold fog bit and curled around his cock
and balls. Spike urinated and shook quickly, tucking himself
away for the trip back to the house.

As this was the first time he had really been outside the cabin,
Spike was curious to look around. Everything was surprisingly
neat and organized.

The wood pile was stacked high and ready for the cold nights
ahead. Directly behind was an open shed with some feed
sacks for corn and a wheel barrow.
It was all exactly as Xander had said.

Whistling, Spike headed for the porch but was reluctant to go in.
Although it was chilly it was not unbearably cold.
He had been inside and laid up for so long it was beyond
wonderful to be up and moving.

Walking around to the other side Spike saw a path leading
to a barn.
He decided that would be just far enough to walk without
tiring himself too much, and Spike had a need to know everything
about Xander.
Looking all around again to make sure he was still all alone, Spike
started toward the barn.

Unsure about over stepping his bounds, Spike approached the barn
door slowly.
He noticed a padlock on the latch, but when checked found it to be
'Well if it was anything important Xander would have locked it up.'

Spike removed the lock and opened the door.
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