March 28th, 2012


Room to Let

TITLE: Room To Let
RATING: Adults Only
Warnings: Adult language, violence and m/m sexual situations
Summary: Set in 1920 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Xander Harris is a wealthy
young man who lives with his family in a mansion on the hill. He has
no idea that a new man, a revelation and a deadly mystery are about
to enter his life.

Thanks to Petxnd for the preread and all of the wonderful manips
and banners.

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Chapter 34

Looking for a fic

It's a Valentine's Day one. Every Valentine's Day since Xander did the love spell he becomes very romantic towards someone and since he had Anya it always worked out perfect but this year he is alone and living with Spike. Spike ends up phoning Willow because he is worried that something is wrong with Xander because he is being nice to him.

I hope someone can help me! =)

Edit: The story is 'Not Just a Spell' by Nash. Big thanks to themis09