July 28th, 2012

bohen shades

Can You BE Quiet?! - Spike/Xander - R

Title: → Can You BE Quiet?!
Rating: → NC17
Pairing(s): → Spike/Xander
Part: → 1
Beta(s): → Unbeta'd but proofread
Prompt(s): → Prompt “Q” @ stories_a_z & Prompt #314: Subterfuge @ tamingthemuse
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: → Mutant Enemy & Joss own them – I just make them do dirty/bad/wrong then give them back!
Word count: → 621
Summary: → Could they be quiet long enough to retrieve what had been lost?
A/N: I'm smack bang in the middle of a load of half unpacked boxes and have a limited amount of time/internet access to post this, so apologies if it's a bit short and sweet!!


Into the Water (Spike/Xander) Chapter 18

Title: Into the Water
Fandom/Pairing: (BtVS) Spike/Xander
Chapter: 18/?
Rating: R - NC-17
Prompt: #14- Hard/Jealous @ [info]kinda_gay fortnightly prompt, #01- music1959 or before & #22- Movies 2000-Now @ kinda_gay pop culture table, #03- writers choice, #11-silk 15- latex, #69- tease & #70- protection @ lover100 & #314- Subterfuge @ tamingthemuse
Warnings: HAU, M/M, Language. Mentions of drug use. Mentions of Xander/Anya (nothing explicit, just mentions. I promise), and mentions of Spike/Liam. And angst.
Summary: Spike Giles and Xander Harris are captains of the swim team. What will happen when they go to LA for a competition?
A/N: UNBETA’D but proof read. Yes, I know, its another High School fic. But I love them! Human!Spike is so much fun to write! *g* Previous chapters here.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, no matter how much I beg and plead

One hour would never be enough, Spike thought... )