December 4th, 2012

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Necessary ~ Spike/Xander ~ R

Title: → Necessary
Rating:→ R
Pairing: → Spike/Xander
Prompt:→ Prompt 333: Sensual @ tamingthemuse
Fandom:→ BtVS & Angel the Series
Word Count:→ 1452
Genre: → AU
Beta (s):→ Unbeta'd but proofread
Disclaimer:→ Not mine.
Summary: → With so much on their plate, it was all too easy to get bogged down in all the things that needed to be done. For mendenbar01 who reminded me how much I enjoyed writing in this verse.
A/N: → This is a small snippet from the Four Under a Blood Red Moon verse – it is not necessary to read that story to understand this one, but it might help! Basically, Spike is unchipped, Xander is a hyena/werewolf hybrid and they live as a clan/pack with the mated Angel and Oz. Following taking down the Initiative once and for all, Xander is now the alpha of a pack of werewolves.

Cordelia had teased him about it once and he had given her the finger and said he did it for the warmth. That was partly it – you couldn't deny that sleeping amidst a pile of twenty three werewolves was a bloody warm place to be. Twenty three – bloody hell, the pack had grown since they had got back from Sunnydale. They'd got a bit of a reputation actually – something about their weird leadership group seemed to have them crawling out of the woodwork, looking for sanctuary, a home and a pack.

The Hive: BONUS- Interlude- Thumb Twiddling, (rewrite)

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BTVS; Angel the Series

Warnings:Not really, Rating:PG, 

Summary: Vamp! Xander is bored.


if you like, just tell me. :-)

Comments are most welcome. In fact, PLEASE!!!

Autthor note: This actually started as a drabble, then became a one off-- and then became the springboard for my novel-in-progress, The Hive. I rewrote it, because I felt I could do a better job-- fleshed it out, tried to work in some writing techniques, etc,  that I've been studying. 

I hope you enjoy it, feel free to give feedback. It's the only way I'll learn. :-)




By Fangstress

It was very late when Xander finally succumbed to the need to do something-- anything! and found himself downstairs at Angel's office. He stopped in the doorway, unsure of what to say; he didn't want to look like some undisciplined Fledge-- though perhaps that was unfair; he was an undisciplined fledge. But he didn't have to show it, did he? His new fangs itched. He hoped he wasn't going to lisp.

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KeepCalm|TotallyAwesome by debris_k

Looking for two(?) Spander + Xander's mom fics

I'm (re)watching the show and some of the eps have reminded me of old fic favorites, but these two (or three? I can't be sure) fics have proven elusive:

The basic premise of both is Spike and Xander getting together, and Xander's mother rooting for them. I'm thinking one fic is more cracky and the mom actually assumes they're together but they're not (yet) and goes all LGBT supportive parent and hijinx ensue. The other one I recall being more hurt/comfort feel-y and the mom staying with Xander's abusive dad to keep him from going after Xander (and Spike?) and Xander and Spike asking her to move out/in with them, or something like that...

It's possible I'm condensing (read: confusing) more fics into just these two, so pointers to any even similar would be very much appreciated!