December 10th, 2012

The Hive, Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

By Fangstress

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover Angel the Series

Warnings: Violence, Slash, Rating R, Spangel, Eventual Spander, Souled!Vamp!Xander, Hive’Verse!, Crossovers, Supernatural, Gunn/Sam, Ghost!Wesley/Illyria,  Post Series, Ensemble Cast, Angst, Hurt/Comfort,

SUMMARY: Xander's life changes forever when he tries to help a deranged Slayer...

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Angel fished around in his jeans pocket and brought out a large key ring. "The demon army retreated, and the angel-- Castiel, healed Gunn. He'd brought Sam and Dean, two Hunters-- with him. From the future. They, in turn had brought every Hunter from the present they could find. Never even knew they existed. And unfortunately, for them, Sam and Dean are stuck here, for the duration—at least until Castiel comes back. They’re effectively marooned here—in what for them is the past. But I’m happy to have the extra muscle."


“What about Spike?” Xander asked. “When can I see him? I know—I know I’m not ready yet—I know he’s not well--but--” He felt so frustrated. “Maybe I could help?” He asked.  There was so much he needed to tell Spike, so much that he needed to understand, that Spike could help him with. Not to mention that kiss. So long ago, and now it seemed that it was all Xander could think about.  Had it meant what he thought it did? And now—with him being a Vampire—it just seemed like there was so much that Spike could tell him, teach him. And he thought—that maybe, just maybe, Spike needed him. But until Xander could control himself---


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