January 25th, 2013


Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know

Title: Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know. Based on the '50 Shades of Grey Trilogy.'

Warnings: Dark Romance. Vamp/Hum/Au. DOM/SUB/BDSM, graphic/explicit M/M sex.

Pairing: W/Alex. (S/X)

Rating: NC17+ (Score 2/3 ) This fic is NOT work/child safe

Unbeta'd: Pre-read by Bmblbee & Salustra

Author: Darker_Fae

Status: COMPLETE 152 + Epilogue Chapter 19: 3456 WORDS

Comments: Comment if you wish.

Disclaimer: The plot certainly isn't mine, I own nothing except this version of the story & any original characters & characterization. NOT to be archived please .

Summary: Naive, virginal and Gay Alexander Harris is drawn to William Aurelius. William Aurelius is drawn to Alexander. But who is really the moth and who the flame?

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Don't know if I'm allowed to post this.

So I am issuing a challenge of sorts. 

Post a Spander songfic for every day of February. Any song, any length, any plot, and the stories don't have to connect.

Anyone game? 

I'm doing this regardless of who else does, but I had so much fun writing and preparing some of my ideas that I wanted to share.