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Looking for Fic

Hey there. I'm a short-time lurker, first time poster and I was looking for some fics I had read or like the idea of and want to read. I'm working on my own story atm, to be posted here as soon as possible. In the meantime, I'm looking for a couple of different fics and concepts. The first is a fic I remember reading but lost the link to that had Vamp!Xander who was Dracula's childe but went to Spike and Angel after saving Dawn from evil Watchers and a psychotic Willow. I remember Buffy and Giles being killed by said evil Watchers and that Xander was ensouled because the hyena kept his soul to him when he was turned. The other stuff I'm searching for are any fics where Xander has magic. I am writing a story in that vein and would like some prompts and inspiration by reading existing like-minded fics. Any help would be appreciated. And when my fic is done it is so coming here first.
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