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Silent Contemplation 1/1

Title: Silent Contemplation 1/1
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult
Summary: Takes place in the basement. No chip.
No Anya. Spike's point of view.
Sometimes words just aren't needed.

Written for the DS Valentine's Day Challenge.

"Come in Spike"
It was all that was said, and I suspect he wouldn't have said
that much if it wasn't necessary for me to enter.

There were no other words that passed between us.
There were, however, plenty of words tossed about earlier.

Words between the boy and the slayer.
Words that I listened to silently, adding nothing as
I had nothing to add.

Both were pretending I wasn't there.

Her words. Firm. Insistent.
His words. Angry. Defiant.

Hers. Unyielding. Smug. Dismissive.
His. Pleading. Explaining. Resigned.

Finally with a nod of his head and a downcast look we
retreated to the damp depression of his basement home.

Our basement home.

The silence should have seemed strange, but oddly it was
comforting, in an abnormal sort of way.

At night he would point at the chair with ropes.
I never ask why or tossed out any arguments.

We both knew that as a vampire, I could have just snapped the ropes.
But I never did and he never asked why.
It all came and went. The time, the days, the ropes.

The days.
The nights.
The jobs.
The patrols.
The ropes and chair.

Neither commented the night we came in from a vicious
patrol and collapsed together in the bed.

I never slept in the chair again.
On the third night I fucked him.

There were no promises of love.
No outcry of his name or mine.
His eyes told me everything.

They looked at me with wonder, pain, and ecstasy as they
rolled back in his head.

I wanted to talk.
To tell him how good he felt, how warm, how sweet his
salty skin tasted, but all the blood had drained from the function
of my brain.
Every available drop was needed to stiffen my rock hard cock
as I pounded it deep into his body.

I planned on whispering hollow nothings into his ear after,
but the force of my balls tightening and my cock exploding and
filling his ass with my cool release wore me out and we both slept.

Still silently.

It should have seemed strange, the lack of sound, but it soothed me.
Still, we seemed to be coming to a wordless agreement.

An understanding.
A quiet conspiracy.
A question we would answer when the time came.

He was home early. It was a Wednesday.
Valentines Day. And no, the irony didn't elude me.
I didn't need to ask, I could see from the look
on his face, he had lost another job.

The others wouldn't know yet.
He seldom talks to them now either.
They have moved on with their lives.
College, new friends, dates.
No cruelty intended, just growing up and beyond.
A walking away and leaving behind.

He sat next to me on the bed and searched my face.
I smiled and nodded.
Undressing him, I laid down on top of his compliant form.
He was hard in resolution, body and cock, warm and patient.

Gently I lifted his legs over my shoulders.
Before he could prepare himself I slammed my length into his ass.
I felt the wet heat of the blood as he tore.

Quickly I sealed my mouth over his to capture the scream of pain.
I needn't have bothered.
He took the necessary suffering silently.

The kiss quickly switched to express the passion and love I felt.
As my orgasm approached, I switched to allow my demon out.
My face changed from smooth and flawless to fangs and ridges.

His eyes showed no fear.

I heard only the slightest sigh as my teeth plunged into his throat.
His body instinctively struggled to maintain life, but I held him firmly
and greedily sucked the life's blood from him.

I had never had a victim that didn't cry out as the life left them,
but the soft thump thump of his slowing heart was the only
sound he made.

But then I remembered.
He was not a victim.
He was a coconspirator.

At the exact right time I slit my wrist with a fang and watched
my blood, some of it his blood returned, run
freely into his mouth as consciousness left him.

Pulling my arm back I watched him.
Almost done.
At the last second I captured his open mouth in a searching kiss.

It's a vampires secret.
One not even the watchers know about.
A soul kiss we call it.

At the last as the soul departs the shell, it rushes up.
Through the kiss.
The vampire can actually taste it as it leaves.

Honey sweet and warm.
It is full of all the memories, loves, hates, passions.
Everything the human has been.

A vampire only does it with a human they plan on keeping.
It binds the vampire's demon to the human's.


A high no drug can compare too.
I jerked, still deep inside him I came again.
His orgasm followed, his cock untouched, as the life slipped


Quietly, I withdrew and laid down behind him to wait.


"Yes, Love. I'm here."
I kissed him softly, the sugary taste of his lost soul still lingering
on my lips.

Clutching him to me the rush of words pour out at last.

His words. Questions. Concerns. Needs. Love.
My words. Answers. Reassurance. Comfort. Love.

We talk on into the night.
So much to say.
Plenty of time to say it.

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