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Mangled Spells and Dangly Bits

I've been doing my playing in old universes again, and I've done quite a bit of updating with Mangled Spells.

In the original series, Spike kidnapped Willow and Xander for that love spell, only Willow's spell backfired, turning Xander into a girl. At first, Spike just takes Xander as a hostage to get his real love spell, but this is Spanderland, so things didn't turn out quite like that.

Title: Mangled Spells and Dangly Bits (a series of ficlets that take the series into the future)
Rated: Teen to Adult
Pairing: Spander
Warnings: The original series has bondage, the ficlets don't

Here are all the ficlets in order

Faith Ficlets
Drusilla's Gift
Unique (new)
Giles' Reply
Oz Sitting (new)
New Guys in Town (new)
Girls' Night On (new)
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