laazikaat (laazikaat) wrote in bloodclaim,

looking for a fic

Not finding this story is driving me crazy, so I hope someone can help! It's a classic Hurt/Comfort story, one of the ones that brought me into this fandom.

Set in the Basement of Doom days. Spike is paralyzed for some reason (vampire healing coma?, affliction causing paralysis?) and Xander is the nominated carer/babysitter.

Xander really doesn't want Spike in the basement, as he's been hiding awful truths about his family from his friends, and wants to continue.

Xander's father storms down the steps to the basement in a drunken rage, and Xander hides Spike in the cupboard for his own protection.

Spike can hear Xander being raped and beaten but can't move to help.

Xander meanwhile was terrified for the vampire's sake.

Does anybody recogize this story?

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