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looking for a particular type of fic

I was thinking about in canon Cordelia and Xander's passionate hate turning to straight up passion while stuck in a basement, and decided I'm in the mood for something similar, only Spander style. So, I'm looking for recs (self recc'ing is great, too!) for any fics that flip the switch like that. Not a slow buildup to a relationship and not the type where one of the boys has been harboring a crush on the other. I'd like it to be a sudden, "oh crap, I kissed Spike/Xander!" mutual shock type of deal. I just want that "Bam!" moment. Where it goes from there is totally open, longer the better.

The closest example I can think of is juliatheyounger's wonderful We're Not Gay series. It starts with a bam and the boys just decide to go with it and the relationship comes later.

Got any more?

Thanks in advance!

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