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Just Another Game ~ Chapter 8

Author: pixel
Title: Just Another Game
Chapter: 8/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC17
Feedback: always welcome
Concrit much appreciated and possibly needed.
Disclaimer: Anything you recognise is still owned by Joss et al ~ anything new is mine.
Warnings/Squicks: BDSM,implied n/c, anal/oral
Beta(s): don’t have one
Distribution: hell, if anyone wants it just take it. Just drop me a line so I can take a look.
Summary: Xander gives himself to Spike, becoming his pet.
Previous parts can be found HERE

Previously ~ The smooth silk of the robe was swept from Xander’s body and he could only whimper helplessly as Angel began to lick his way down Xander’s neck, nibbling and sucking at the tiny scar from Spike’s claim, causing Xander to arch up and try to press even closer to Angel’s hard body.

“Bloody Hell!” The words had them springing apart and they turned to see Spike leaning in the shadowed entrance, watching them. “Don’t stop on my account, was turning into one hell of a show. Fucking beautiful the pair of you.”

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