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Suzerain's companion #23 (Final)

Title: Suzerain’s Companion (working title)
Author: josie_h@yahoo.com
Archived at:
Pairing: Xander/Spike
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: Post WWIII and 250+ years on from the Black Thorn. Highly refined, purpose bred ‘Companion’ Alexander is ‘liberated’ by feral humans, consequently rescued by the Suzerain Spike’s forces, the head of which decides to ingratiate himself by presenting his Sire with a boy reminiscent of one of the former Scoobies.
Spoilers: Canon is AU - very post S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here!
Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

Suzerain = feudal overlord to whom fealty is due. Ruler of a large region with international boundaries but allows domestic sovereignty in exchange for loyalty and payment.

Part 23 FINAL

The youngest Aurelian vampire relaxed back onto his pillow as soon as the wrists were licked closed. Spike squeezed his boy’s shoulder and whispered “Back in a tick Pet” before giving Angelus and Lisbeth a pointed look, they both rose from the bed and kissed Alexander in turn before heading for the door. Spike rose also and walked his first Childe and Grandchilde to the door offering an open wrist to each for a cursory taste… they both knew. The Leader of the Aurelian Cartel and the Suzerain of the known demon world said nothing but held Lisbeth and Angelus’ gaze for just a moment, his love for them and his thanks expressed far more eloquently than might ever have been expressed in words.

His fledge was needy as was to be expected, and for the first three days after his turning, fed almost continuously and directly from Spike. The effect was twofold – the Sire/Childe bond was *wide* open and enhanced by the pre-existing Claimed status, and the dear youngster had a constant erection and came so many times on the first day that his Sire bound him in a very snug ‘cock ring’ on day two. Joyfully, his dear Sire released the ring, whispered “Cum for me Childe” then sank his fangs into the very new vampire as his own cold seed filled the cool channel and Alexander came so hard that he collapsed under his Sire, only to wake in bliss, bound once more, to do it again, and again.

It was five days before Lillie was allowed to attend the newly arisen Chosen Companion now Childe, and even then the little human was flanked by Angelus and Lisbeth with the Mistress Janet bringing up the rear. They were prepared to whisk her away at any moment should the young vampire prove dangerous. But need not have worried. The young fledge was tied so tightly to his Sire and their now shared soul that there was no question of an attack.

Lillie escaped her carers the minute she entered the room, rushed forward and bounced onto the couch and into the young vampire’s arms.

For Alexander the experience was somewhat confusing. The excited chatter and enthusiastic hug from the little girl whom he knew so well was now confused with the clear sound of her heartbeat, her noticeably warm skin, her unique scent and unmistakable ‘magical prickle’. He struggled for a time – particularly with the lub-dub of the heart – a siren’s song calling the young vampire to feed and had him turning to his Sire for guidance. Spike moved to stand behind his second Childe, gently resting a steadying hand on Alexander’s shoulder and softly rubbing his thumb over the turning bite.

On his thirty seventh day as a vampire, collar still in place and the turning bite obvious, he was ready to be introduced to a Special Gathering of the Cartels. The leaders had all received the demand to attend and suspected the cause. Without exception all leaders replied with their intent to attend.

Lisbeth and the Mistress had counselled and trained Alexander after his turning, though there was little to teach as the dear Companion had spent so much of his rarefied human existence gaining the strength, speed and knowledge to serve his Claimer. It was Lisbeth that gave him ‘the talk’ on the night before the Cartel meeting - the night of his Mating with his Sire. Only she knew the joyous feel of being as one with Sire.

With but twelve hours to wait before the Suzerain was to meet his ‘lieutenants’, he carefully, lovingly, washed his beloved second Childe, and in the warmth of the shower, with vanilla scented lubricant slicking both excited members and the Claimed’s passage, they coupled joyously with all the ritual words and three witnesses, Angelus, Lisbeth and Janet. All were rather tearful as they chimed in with their ritual words endorsing the coupling.

At the conclusion of the private ceremony, Angelus had carried his now little brother, while the Mistress Janet gently lifted their Sire to the Suzerain’s bed so both were able to rest prior to the challenging meeting ahead. They all knew, with Alexander’s basic nature being preserved courtesy of the tie to the Suzerain’s soul, the hardest lesson would be for Alexander to realize his exalted status as the Suzerain’s Childe, not *just a human*, albeit a Claimed Companion.

As Alexander entered the full gathering of Cartel leaders and entourages behind his Sire, the entire room felt the ripple in the magical fabric and, quite amazingly, all knelt.

The Claimed Companion now Childe was unique. Despite what was now deemed as a demeaning collar still in place, his signature was that of a vampire three hundred times his senior… indeed the age of the Suzerain. Those in the group old enough to understand the implications, fell to their knees dragging their entourages with them and all pledged their allegiance to the Suzerain once more. To do anything less was… dust. The Suzerain was in no mood for dissent. One cartel leader was a second too slow and had the ‘wrong expression’. The cleaning equipment was automatically deployed to remove the sprinkle of grey powder left behind. The Suzerain’s brutality was legendary but few in the inner circle of leadership had seen such swift action. None would repeat the mistake.

As Lisbeth and Angelus, and Mistress Janet with Lillie in tow, joined the Suzerain and his Claimed at the front of the meeting room, all present paled at the sheer power they felt flowing from the ruling family, with the Suzerain’s magical signature so strong now that it was… compelling and, reassuring. They were led by a being so unique and now so much more stable, courtesy of the newly made Childe/Mate, that there was no longer a question of a challenge to his right to lead, nor questioning his final decisions.

There would be tricky meetings with Alexander’s family ahead and his new status certainly would not stop all challengers to the Suzerain’s crown, but the Suzerain now had a far more deadly protector than his minions. Alexander honed his vampiric skills, marrying them easily with his already adept human ability for martial arts (and all other forms of ‘sport’) with the Mistress as stern task master. For now the cartels were at peace, with a ruling family that operated apparently contentedly and certainly acted easily as one.

By the third week, Alexander quelled his bloodlust under his Sire’s guidance and swiftly fell back into his regular role in the family – that of Sire’s chosen, while outside acting as the perfect vampire Mate, even being near drained and brought to completion in front of the court on their third meeting together (an act that led to seventeen members of the sixty present to release on the spot, whilst others excused themselves to do ‘whatever it took’).

They had a long unlife ahead – the powers willing… And there was family in all directions… In the early hours of Sunday morning Alexander settled to suckle on a special treat, blood from the bite just above his Sire’s right nipple. Meanwhile Spike counted his blessings.

His role as Suzerain would never be easy, but smiled as his dear (now) Mate squirmed to gain more contact. His beautiful unlife partner, his Mate, the boy who was so like a friend of old and had enabled him to love and be loved unconditionally, despite the odds, his new Childe, indeed now his *two* Childer and Grandchilde, brought a grounding and a joy he had not experienced before in his long life.

They were strong as individuals, but now truly whole as family. Lillie would be turned if she wished it, otherwise enjoy her life as treasured wiccan with the ‘royal family’ and the ‘Dowager Aunt’ Janet would remain a treasured confidant and trainer. The latest of the original Xander’s clones would be of breeding age on Natte’s farm in less than two years whilst the last of Xander and Penny’s offspring grew into glorious brunette female breeders.

They all knew that there would be many challenges to the Suzerain’s rule but only months after Alexander’s turning, all in the family realised that this was their private life now, and apparently would be many years to come. In public, the face presented by Suzerain and Childer was always carefully planned on, in private, tantrums, consensual torture, tears and titillation were all welcome… as was the hug and the kiss… and the joyous rise to climax, pleasured to ecstasy by their beloved.

It was now a tiny, private ritual of his own before he fell asleep. Each pre dawn bedding down, Alexander stroked his collar two or three times, then his missing eye and finally his turning mark, before sending a message of thanks to the gods and snuggling into his Sire’s arms… Who would have imagined that a mere human might be so *very* lucky…

END for now

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