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Subway Sorrows

Written for indigo_crypt’s Leather challenge.

Title: Subway Sorrows
Pairings: Spander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 heh…. Oh yeah, boys touching!
Warnings: Daddy!kink, exhibitionism, anal, and for once, totally consentual! AU, they have an established relationship, but still, easy to catch the drift of things.
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: Spike and Xander have to kill a demon, and get stuck so come up with something to pass the time.
Word Count: 2988 (As per MS Word Count)
Beta: tamakin, any errors are mine and mine alone.
X-posted to: perverted_pages, indigo_crypt, darker_spike, bloodclaim, btvs_lightsout, btvs_slash, spike_fics, sxandviolence

Comments make me smile, and keep the muse going!

After hours of exhaustive research, and my inability to understand WHAT THE HECK!!! The frikkin’ public transit map is trying to show (dude, none of it matches! I spent FOREVER on various transit maps, and maps of the city, and I couldn’t understand hide nor hair, so I GIVE UP!) I have decided our hero’s have gone to Toronto Canada (Where I know the public transit system passably well). If you do not like this, tough noogies! MY FIC! Yarg….

This entire thing is to be blamed entirely on tamakin. It’s for her reading pleasure that this has been written

Lalalala, my beta rocks my socks! Hope you enjoy it sweets!

TTC Subway map for Toronto for reference. It's a PDF, so it might take a little longer to load.

Also find the whole transit map here which is again a PDF so again might take a while to load.

Apparently, I might make a sequel to this… anyone want to read it?

On to the story itself!!

Xander sat in the subway car, staring out the window into the blackness of the tunnel and his reflection looking back at him. He focused on his reflection and saw the empty car stretching away behind him and let out a content sigh. The illusion was ruined a second later when he noticed black lettering appearing on the empty pleather seat directly behind him. A crudely drawn penis and balls on one seat, and a hairy twat with boobs on the seat back on the other.

He sighed at the sniggering behind him, and turned to see the blond vampire put the finishing touches on the nipples.

"You really need to grow up. What're you going to do if someone comes by and sees you doing that? And you should put on that charm Willow made for you, someone could get on at any station and see you don’t have a reflection! Dammit Spike, do you want to get caught? This isn't Sunnydale where people ignore the wacky vampire obviousness! We're in TORONTO! Can you at least pretend that you're normal? We'll be getting off soon, deal with the baddie Cordy saw in her vision, then get back to Sunnydale where people know to look the other way."

"Remind me again why we're taking bloody public transit and not zipping about in our own rental? I know Red has some dosh squirreled away somewhere, she had to have been in the mood for sharing." He capped his pen and leaned back in his seat, lounging about.

Xander licked his lips and had to think a minute before answering, his mind had become suddenly blank when Spike stuck one leg straight out and the other one bent, one thumb in his belt loop and fingers splayed to draw attention towards the vampire's crotch. He took a deep breath and mentally shook his head to clear it of thoughts of a rather naughty nature.

"Because the sword we need to use is enchanted Bleachie, remember? Take it above ground when the sun is in the heavens, and it turns into a normal sword… which is often useful, just this time we need an enchanted sword or it won’t do anything. Remember? We said ‘wow, Toronto has an underground walkway system that connects from our hotel to the subway system, we can use that to get the sword from our hotel to the park’, remember? You were marveling that vampires hadn’t taken over the walkways?” Xander felt exasperated, they’d gone over the plans repeatedly, he felt like he was talking to a brick wall.

“Right, flashy sword.” He looked at the map over the door and frowned, thinking back. “We just passed Keele, right?” Xander glanced at his handy dandy Metro Map and nodded. “We off next stop then. High Park, here we come!”

The train pulled into the station, jerking and shuddering to a stop. The men looked quizzically at each other at the ungainly halt, and they let out a simultaneous “HEY!” when the doors didn’t open, and instead they pulled away from the station. Xander threw himself against the doors, trying to force them open as they were whisked away into the darkness of the underground once more.

“Is our car broken? Is that what this is? What the hell! Toronto’s subway system is supposed to be better than this!” He pushed the yellow emergency tape on the wall, calling for assistance, and Spike lit a cigarette in clear opposition of the “No Smoking” sign directly over his head.

“Looks like we’re stuck in here. Guess we can just get off at the next station, go on the train the other way, and get off where we’re needed, yeah?”

“We’re on a clock! The damned thing is supposed to rise up tonight! We have to kill it before it eats the sacrifice or we’ll never be able to stop it!”

“Stop panicking pet, just breathe. Since when have we ever really lost a fight? We’ll be fine. Something always makes it out to be fine.”

“Easy for you to say! And what the hell?”

The train had stopped in the tunnel between stations. It had slowed down so gradually that they hadn’t noticed till it lurched to a stop.

“Oh crap. This can’t be good. We have to go to High Park, go across the street, walk due south till we find that stupid special tree, then walk east, and kill the demon before it rises and takes the human sacrifice dammit! We can’t be stuck here on the subway! The SUBWAY Spike! What the hell are they going to put on our epitaphs? That is the right word right? The thingy that goes on a gravestone? What’s it going to say? That we died in a metal tomb beneath the earth while trying to ride to the rescue? This DOES it, from now on, I’m buying a car. What the hell happened to your Desoto anyways? Why the hell did I think we could pull this off on public transit? When the hell has public transit been reliable? I mean, come ON this is just beyond stupid, look at us Spike!!! Look at us!!!”

Xander’s wild rant was halted suddenly when Spike surged towards him suddenly, long leather duster trailing about him like the wings of some demonic bird before pressing his cool lips against Xander’s hot ones.

Xander melted against Spike’s smaller frame, holding onto him like he was the only thing holding him upright, which he was, his worries suddenly drifting away. His head swam as his senses filled with Spike. The smells of smoke, leather and whisky, the unique taste of Spike, the cool skin beneath his hands when he slipped them up under Spike’s shirt. Everything was Spike, and nothing else mattered. It was amazing. And then Spike broke the kiss, nipping gently at his swollen lips.

“We’ve got hours yet before dawn, it’ll be weak as a kitten till then. We have plenty of time for these wankers to fix their little train and let us out. You said we shouldn’t attract attention, so just calm down, take a breath, and sit. There’s my boy”

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m not a boy!”

“You’re a bloody infant compared to me, so just shush up, and sit your tush in that seat.”

“Yessir!” He blushed profusely, and sat down. Being in a relationship with a vampire was an odd thing. All these rules he was expected to follow. He had a hard time keeping them straight, but one that was always clear was That Tone that Spike had. When That Tone was used, Xander knew he had to trust and obey. Sometimes it was hard, he still had a bit of a stubborn streak, but That Tone always seemed to reign it in.

“Good boy”

Xander scowled, and crossed his arms petulantly, and pouted. He knew Spike could never resist a well crafted pout, and he’d had plenty of practice. Spike was suddenly sitting beside him, nibbling at the protruding lower lip. He may be the submissive owned human pet in this relationship, but he had Spike wrapped around his finger, and he knew it.

“Everything will be fine, you’ll see. We’ll slay the baddie, save the damsels in distress, and fuck the day away in celebration. I brought those purple beads you like! What do ya say pet?” He spoke softly, his forehead pressed against Xander’s while looking deep into the melted chocolate pools of his eyes, one hand behind Xander’s neck, his other hand stroking feather light caresses down the side of the human’s face, leaving behind a trail of icy fire.

Xander suddenly gulped in a breath and nodded franticly, dislodging himself from Spike’s forehead. He hadn’t even thought of bringing any sex toys for this little adventure, since this was work and not play. Who’d vacation in Toronto anyways?
Spike chuckled, and kissed the human firmly, purring when Xander immediately parted his lips, an open invitation for his plundering tongue. He spent a leisurely amount of time mapping his pet’s mouth, hands sliding up under his shirt to caress hot skin with cool fingers. He tweaked a nipple playfully and enjoyed the half startled gasp as well as the bright flood of pheromones on the air.

“Feeling less anxious are we?” Spike murmured into Xander’s lips.

“Anxiety is very much gone, but the raging hard on and sudden horniness doesn’t seem like a fair trade. You are a very mean vampire Spike.”

“Hey! Evil! Remember?” Spike said indignantly. “’sides, who says we can’t do anything about it? We’re in the car alone, together, stuck in the tunnel… bet you’ve never done it on a train before.”

“SPIKE! We don’t know how long we’ll be here, or if anyone will walk by or anything! We can’t just… just… in public?? You know I get freaked out whenever you want to do something public! Do you want me all panicky again? Because I think I’m getting there!”

“Shhh…” Spike put a finger to Xander’s lips, stilling the outpouring of words, and smiled brightly when the overhead speakers came to life, detailing the problem as a train stuck at the platform in front of them. They were waiting for another train to set up in front to tow it off the tracks. The wait would be about twenty minutes to a half hour, apologies for the delay, and the driver signed off.

“We can have us a twenty minute quickie. In the back corner no one would see us from the doors, and if you’re on your hands and knees no one will see you from the window. C’mon pet, move it. Daddy feels like a little quality time.”

Xander shivered. He loved it when Spike was in the mood to be called Daddy. He was pushing all the right buttons to make it harder and harder for him to say no. He swallowed thickly and tried anyways. “Spike, no, please. In public? I can’t! I so can’t do this!”

“Pet, listen to me. I’m the one running the show, yeah? I take responsibility for this, I won’t let anything happen to you. I’d hear anyone coming way off and would have plenty of warning to cover us up. We’ll be fine pet, and it’s not like you have much of a choice anyways. Get over there.”

Xander ducked his head and whispered, “Yes Daddy,” before scurrying to where he was told. He sat on the seat, and looked out the window into the blackness of the tunnel. Spike suddenly appeared behind him in the reflection in the window. He’d put on the charm before stalking his prey.

Spike seemed to slither up to Xander, drinking in the sight of the slightly puffy lips, eyes darkened by lust, the slightly heaving chest, and the impressive tent in his trousers. Spike licked his lips before motioning for Xander to stand. Spike shed his coat, and spread it on the chair bottom and the floor.

He walked up to Xander and roughly turned him so his back was pressed to Spike’s front. Spike held onto him, holding him tightly about the waist, drinking in the strong odors of blatant arousal he was sure even a human could detect, before unfastening Xander’s belt with practiced ease. He swiftly undid Xander’s pants and pushed them down to his knees, rubbing his denim clad erection into the cleft of Xander’s arse while watching his bare erection bob in the air.

Xander knew better than to touch it and kept his hands in the small of his back, twisting them impotently against Spike’s shirt, digging into his abs now and again when it got to be too much. Spike’s hands were dancing along his skin, driving him crazy as the cool digits left behind a trail of fire. He grunted softly when Spike pushed him onto his knees atop the soft leather coat, pushing his face into the seat. Xander breathed deeply of the leather scent, catching whiffs of tobacco and whiskey clinging to it. Spike knew Xander had a thing for his coat, knew it got him hot and bothered; it was the perfect way to distract him from what he was actually doing.

Spike rummaged in the pockets of his coat while holding Xander down with his other hand. He pulled out a battered tube of KY jelly and popped the top with his thumb. He released Xander long enough to undo his pants and pull his aching, dripping cock out of them. He slicked his shaft, and put his hand back on Xander’s back, keeping him pinned to the seat.

Xander breathed in the scent of the leather, feeling the real world slip away. Spike rarely fucked him on the leather; he was always over protective of it and was concerned they would accidentally ruin it. This was a special treat, a treat he was thoroughly enjoying, and let it salve the anxiety that was still trying to claw its way out of his control.

Spike was quickly and thoroughly stretching his human’s arse hole, slick digits stroking in and out with practiced efficiency, the occasional twitch of the tips to caress the boy’s prostate timed to get the most out of him. The whines and grunts Xander made stirred him onward, and he slid a third digit in, reveling in the heat and velvety softness enveloping his fingers.

Xander twisted and squirmed against the intruders inside him. Now and again stars exploded in his eyes when Spike stroked his prostate, he always pushed back against Spike’s hand when he did that, which only made Spike chuckle darkly before doing it again. Xander felt his breath burning in his throat, aching to feel the smooth coolness of Spike entering him.

Spike could tell Xander was needy, that he was ready. He also knew if he didn’t get things moving soon Xander would just finish before him and that would never do. He lined up his pre-slicked shaft at Xander’s lubed and stretched hole before steadily sliding in.

Xander gasped, holding his breath as his eyes fluttered back in his head while Spike slowly slid home. This was bliss, this full feeling, Spike protectively covering him, feeling safe even though he knew he should be terrified of detection. He couldn’t help the explosive “DADDY!!” when Spike’s cock head slid against his prostate. He shuddered and clutched at his control like a man drowning. He knew Spike would be rather displeased if he got off before he did.

Spike felt himself go in as deep as he could, his pelvis flush with Xander’s arse cheeks. He took in a deep unneeded breath before slowly pulling out, hearing Xander whimper underneath him, and quickly slammed back home again. He set a quick and ruthless pace, leaving Xander to squirm and whine and beg beneath him. It was delicious.

Xander could barely hold back, he was positively on the edge and it was excruciating. He never knew pleasure could be almost painful in its intensity before he got together with Spike. He snorted, Got together? I guess that’s one extremely mild way to put it. Spike slid against his prostate a few more times, and finally he couldn’t keep it to himself anymore, he needed to cum, and cum bad.

“Daddy! Please! Please Daddy, I need… I need to cum! PLEASE?” He was almost in tears, he felt so good, and when Spike’s cool hand started stripping his cock in time with his thrusts, he forgot how to breathe.

“Breathe boy!” Spike slapped him on the arse, dragging him back into the real world enough to gasp a breath. “Xander… Xander… gonna cum Xander. Gonna fill your tight little arse… you better cum with me pet. Come for Daddy… that’s a good boy.”

Xander felt Spike’s cock twitch and spill its tepid load deep inside him and felt his own explosive ejaculation spurt into Spike’s cupped palm. He felt himself giggle at Spike’s protectiveness of his precious leather coat, and gasped at the slap on his arse for laughing in an inappropriate moment. He’s going to punish me for that later…, he smirked lazily to himself in the lassitude of good sex afterglow. Yay…!

Spike licked at the boys spend, relishing the taste before proffering it to his pet. He was pleased to see his immediate obedience as he lapped up every single drop of his cum from Spike’s slim fingers. Perfect little boy… I can’t wait to get him back to our room. I’ll have him screaming my name in no time

Xander felt Spike get up, heard him arrange himself back into his tight pants before hauling Xander to his feet and tucking him away. Spike took his coat off the floor and seat, folded it up and pulled Xander into his lap, holding him lovingly and tenderly.

“That was lovely pet, thank you.”

“You’re welcome Daddy.”


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