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White Lightnin' 34/37

Title:White Lightnin' 34/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

30 promised hours had stretched into 32 due to a
detour and being stuck behind a tractor on a long
stretch of highway.

Spike wanted to scream.
A night, a day and the moon was again full.
Almost there.
He twitched and squirmed.

"Won't be much longer."
Spike looked over at Hope's words, and saw her smile
sweetly. "You got someone special waiting for you?"

"I hope so." Spike kept his voice low. Most of the
bus was again sleeping.
"We didn't part on very good terms. I don't know if
I will be welcome or not."

Lifting his head, Spike looked her in the eye.
"I know I love him."
Hope's smile never faltered.
"Then it will be all right. Just make sure he understands
he is a lucky man to have you."

Spike laughed "I'll tell him that."
Hope looked out the window "Seems like you will be
telling him soon. Isn't this your stop?"

Spike's heart jumped to his throat. He was here.
He still had a long walk ahead of him, but he was
finally here. Suddenly his nerves threatened to fail him.
He couldn't do it. He couldn't move.
Looking over he saw Hope glance down at his hat and wink.
Quietly they shared a laugh.

Standing, he gathered his courage and his things together,
he popped his backbone into alignment and prepared
to disembark.

Before leaving, he turned and reaching into his shoe
pulled out the $20. he had hidden there.
He wouldn't need it.
Whatever it took, he would do.
He was staying.
He was home.

Kneeling down he slipped the money in Hope's hand
and ran his palm over the sleeping baby's head.
"Make sure you and the children eat well before
arriving at your parents."
Hope's eyes got big, but before she could protest or
refuse, Spike was gone.

He stood on the platform outside the bus station.
God it felt good to be off that damn bus, to stretch his
back and legs.

Almost made the walk a welcome change from the
long ride.
He knew the road he had taken the first time he
had been in this town, and he knew where he had
wrecked the car.

From there he was sure he would be able to locate the
path up the hill.
He thought momentarily about waiting till daylight, but
the light of the full moon was bright and he had already
waited too long.

Switching his suitcase to his other hand, Spike flexed
his shoulders and started off.

Xander had hoped to drive straight through, but he
was just to tired.
Maybe a short nap. Just to rest his eyes.
Besides he had nothing to rush home to.
The cabin would be cold and empty, as always.

But at least now he had a plan.
He was not giving up.
He would never give up, it was just going to take a little
longer than he had originally thought.

Laying down in his car, he looked up at the moon and
wondered where Spike was right now.
He wondered if Spike was alone and if he ever thought
about him. He wondered if Spike was looking
up at the moon tonight. He wondered if Spike was
sharing the moonlight with someone else.
He fell asleep wondering.

It hadn't rained much this week and the road was dry.
Spike was grateful for that much.
The mud would have made walking dangerous and
slippery in the dark
Each mile led him further into the darkened woods.

Figuring about 20 minutes a mile, Spike estimated it
would take about two hours to get there.
He tried to stay focused.
The noises that surrounded him were like nothing he had
ever heard and it scared him shitless.

Howling, barking, and what the hell kind of animal
made that screeching sound?
Spike kept going trying not to let his imagination get
the best of him.

Xander was startled awake by someone tapping on
the car window.
Trying to see, he was blinded by the flashlight in his
Quickly he rolled down the window.
"What? What is it?" He struggled to clear his brain.

The light snapped off. "Just checking to see if you were
o.k. Saw the car pulled over and thought you might
need help."
The uniformed officer peered into the car, looking to
see if Xander was alone.

Xander rubbed his hands over his face.
"Yea, just got tired is all. Needed a quick nap, but I'm
all right now. I'll be pulling out in a couple minutes.

"No problem son. You go on home now. I'm sure
someone is waiting on you."
Xander watched as the cop returned to his patrol car
and drove away.

"Yea, if only that were true." He stepped out, stretched,
pissed and got back in. Three more hours drive and he
would be home.

Suddenly he felt an urgency to get back.
A strong need to return to the cabin on the mountain.
A confusing but desperate feeling.
He fired up the Lincoln and burned rubber.

'It's got to be round here. It can't be much further.' Spike
was sure he was getting close. The twists and turns of
the road felt familiar and he knew the tree he had run
into must be coming up soon.
But the trees blotted out most of the moonlight, and Spike
was, after all a city boy. It was confusing. It was

Slightly misjudging the distance, Spike went another half
mile before he finally saw it.
Shining like a skeleton in the moonlight, there was very
little left of the car the he had smashed into the tree
over six months ago. Still, it was the sign post he had been
seeking. It sat like an arrow pointing in the right direction.

He laughed and ran up for a better look.
There it sat, just where he had left it.
But certainly not in the same condition. The tires and rims
had all been taken as was the back seat and most of the

The interior was stripped and even the bumpers were gone.
Checking quickly he found the paperwork from
the glove box and the books were also missing.

He hoped who ever had stolen the parts had put them to
good use.
It couldn't have mattered less to him.
It wasn't why he was here.

Taking a few minutes to get his bearings, Spike faced north
and located the trail up the hill. With no more hesitation he
dove deeper into the woods.

The closer he got the more Xander felt the pull.
It was a gravitational thing and he was circling the home
Drawing closer and closer.
He desperately needed the comfort of home.

Nothing in the world mattered now but the
cabin in the woods.
Two more hours.

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