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FIC: Adored (1/1)-- PG at most-- S/X

Title: Adored (1/1)
Authored by: Tisienne Blue tistoo
Pairing: DUH. S/X
Disclaimer: I am not Joss and make no money from this.
Rating: PG-ish (I think), for mention of nekkidness. (Yes, I know. I wrote something that's not porny. What the hell is wrong with me??? *furrows brow*)
Timeline: Sometime after the end of both series. NON-specific.
Warnings: Established (but rather new) relationship, schmoopiness, cuddle-factor.
A/N: I am clearly insane.

* * * * *

“Um… sweetheart?”

A snort. “Not bloody likely, pet.”

Soft sigh. “Okay, okay. How about darling?”

Yawn. “Thought you were supposed ta be th’ witty one, mate. Or so you keep tellin’ me.”

The brown gaze narrows in thought as one tanned hand slowly works its way up and down pale ribs.

“Sexy. Hottie. Perfect lover. Precious. Baby. Light-of-my-life.”

“No, no, no, no, no… and bloody fucking NO!”

“Well, I don’t see you doing any better here, Spike! Hell, I don’t even see you trying!” A quick blink before a small laugh erupts. “Or is that the point? Keep me all… distracted… just so I don’t notice that your efforts are of the non-existent kind?”

A deep, low grumble. “Already got mine, don’t I? Call you pet, yeah?”

“Hah!” A sarcastic laugh that’s slightly breathy as full, pouty pink lips brush darker, hotter skin. “That doesn’t count. You use it, like… all the time! No recycling, damn it!”

“Bloody… Fine, then! Precious! That’s what I’m goin’ ta call you, got it?”

Another laugh, more mocking than the last. “Precious. Like the same precious I already suggested to you and got a big old no for?” Dark hair shifts on the mattress. “I don’t think so, Spike.”

An irritated growl greets the words as the vampire sits up and glares into his human’s eye. “This is bloody well stupid!”

Wide red lips twitch into a smirk. “Maybe, but it was your idea, so… suck it up. Be a man. Whatever it was you said to get me to even do this. Besides, I was right. You suck at this whole pet name thing, Spike, so just admit I win and we can forget all about it, okay?”

Blue eyes narrow, sparking gold for just a moment as the blond glares harder into that one deep, laughing brown orb. “Ta win, you need ta have a good one, Harris, and ‘sexy’ don’t rightly cut it.”

The human smiles softly, one hand rising from the bed to stroke slowly up a pale arm, over the curve of shoulder and up the vampire’s neck to cup one sharp-boned cheek.

“Adored,” Xander whispers, the matching emotion right there in his voice, and…

“Beloved,” Spike replies without thought.

They could choose to argue over which of them had won, but as both offerings are entirely true and somehow fitting… they choose, rather, to fall into each other and lose themselves… and it is fit.


* * * * *

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