phoenyxmoon (phoenyxmoon) wrote in bloodclaim,

Help!! Fic search

Can any of you help me find the fic this scene is from please?  It takes place in Africa and Xander is taking the trials to get Spike back from a demon I think they free the demon afterwards and send it home to the dimension it came from too.  In the trials there are three Spikes and Xander has to choose the right one and it's the one that says "I told you, Xan."  The demon may have Dawn too though I'm not sure anyway after Xander gets Spike back and they send the demon home Xander and Angel stay in Africa with a guide and have a talk while the girls take Spike home with them.  Xander later goes to LA to get Spike and there's a very nice spanking scene at Xander's hotel.  
Thanks in advance everyone you guys are all awesome!!
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