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White Lightnin' 37/37

Title:White Lightnin' 37/37
Author: BmblBee
Rating Adult overall
Paring: S/X
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story and make
no profit from them
Summary: Set in the early 1940's, Spike is a G-man sent on
a mission in the Appalachian mountains to search for
and destroy illegal alcohol when he has an accident.
Xander is a moonshiner who takes him in.

Spike settled in for what promised to be a trip to heaven.
He didn't have long to wait.

Sliding down, Xander stopped when he was face to face
with the purple straining head of Spike's cock.
Leaning in Xander kissed it lightly on the tip

"I've missed you, buddy"
The cock nodded and oozed out a bubble as if to say
"I've missed you too."

Wasting no more time, Xander ran his tongue from the
base of Spike's cock to the dripping tip.
He then wrapped his lips around the spongy head and
squeezed it.

Spike jerked his hips upward trying to force Xander to
take more of it in.
Xander took the hint and let it all slide in till the sticky,
wet slit touched the back of his throat.

Spike grunted and threw his leg over Xander's back to
hold him in place.
Xander set a fast pace.
Throwing finesse out the window he focused on sucking.

He gripped Spike's cock in his mouth and set up a deep
rapid movement.
Spike was rocking his hips. His brain had shut down
and his whole life centered in that warm wet mouth.

Just as he felt his balls start to tingle and tighten, Xander
pulled back and released him with a slurp.

"Nnnoooo!" Frustration and precum were rolling off
Spike by the handfuls.
Stretching back up, Xander kissed Spike again.
He shared the taste of Spike's cock with him and gave
his orgasm a chance to retreat.

After a minute or two he lifted Spike's leg over his shoulder
and kissed the inside of his thigh.
Reaching into the special box under his bed, Xander
pulled out a small bottle of lanolin he had bought on his
last trip to town.

Spike's eyes got big.
"Well, looks like you have made changes since I've been
gone. That for anyone special?"
Xander poured a bit of lotion on his hand and a smile
on his lips.
"Dozens of men, Spike. Dozens"

Spike grabbed Xander's wrist holding the lotion filled hand
in place. Making sure he had Xander full attention
he kissed him.
"Only me from now on, right,Xan?"
Xander dove in.

He let his tongue take total possession of Spike's mouth
leaving no question as to where Xander's love and devotion
Rubbing the lanolin around his fingers, Xander let his
hand wander down to the soft skin below Spike's balls.

It all felt just as wonderful as he remembered.
Xander let his forefinger brush lightly over the eager puckered
Spike threw his other leg up over Xander's shoulder lifting
his hips high off the bed.

"Please, Xander, do it quickly. I've been empty for so
long. All I have thought about is you being inside me."
Xander thrust a finger inside.
It was hot as fire.

As quickly as Spike's ass tightened, he immediately relaxed
it. "More, please more."
"Not too fast. I won't hurt you." Xander pulled out the
finger and carefully inserted two.

Spike squirmed breathlessly
"Touch me, Xan. Find the place inside.
Nobody but you has ever touched me there."
Just thinking about and waiting for the feeling of it had
Spike twitching.

Crooking his finger, Xander found and pressed it.
"Ugh, Oh God that's it. More. More."
Xander tapped it several times till Spike was grabbing the
pillow under his head and pressing his heels into
Xander's back.

Removing his fingers, Xander added more slick to his hand
and quickly coated his own neglected cock.
It felt so good he wanted to just keep working his flesh
smoothly into his fist till he exploded, but he knew he had
waited too long for this moment to give it up like that.

Positioning the head at Spike's hole, he held himself firmly
and reveled in the feeling of just rubbing it back and
forth, sliding the leaking tip against the tight wrinkled skin.
"Stop teasing, Xander!" Spike whined and jerked
trying to force Xander's entrance.

Xander leaned forward forcing Spike's knees closer to his
own chest.
With only a slight pause, Xander's cock pushed through.
Both men tensed.
After only seconds, Xander slid in, fully seated.
Both men sighed.

This time Xander waited till Spike indicated he was
ready to move.
Slowly, testing the waters, reviving old memories and
building new ones, Xander set a slow shallow pace.

Using his heels for leverage, Spike left no doubt that this
pace would not do.
Xander shifted, altered his angle and when he saw the
shock on Spike's face, he let loose.

Pounding deep and hard, Xander let all thought and reason
leak out his ears as he lost himself in the world of cock
and ass.
A world Spike shared with him.

Xander felt it first.
The tingle in his spine and groin. He knew by the time it
turned to an ache in his balls it was too late to stop.

Wrapping his fist tightly around Spike's bouncing cock
he tipped his sweating head down.
"Come with me Spike."

Spike never heard his words. He was drowning in the
sensations of his body as it gave up the most powerful
orgasm of his life.

Feeling the interior wall clamp down on him, Xander
let his own release fill Spike's cavity with spurts of
liquid passion.

Eventually the spasms slowed as their bodies emptied
Carefully, Xander withdrew, separating them.
Spike's legs fell to the bed with an undignified "thump".
He was too spent to care.

After retrieving a rag and quickly cleaning them both up.
Xander jumped back into bed positioning himself between
Spike and the wall.

Rolling onto his side facing away from his love, Spike
yawned deeply.
"Xander, would you do something for me?"
Struggling keep his eyes open, Xander was rapidly
succumbing to the stress of the week and the lack of sleep.

"Anything, Spike. What can I do?"
Wiggling his body around Spike sighed in anticipation of the
other thing he remembered.

The second best talent Xander possessed.
The other memory he had longed for on those solitary nights.

"Would you rub my back?"
Xander smiled, kissed the back of his neck and slid his
hand up between their bodies.

It had all been worth it. The loneliness, the trip, the
struggle. Everything that had led them to this moment.
The moment that would start the rest of their lives.

"Yea, Spike. I think I can do that for you."



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