sottovoce07 (sottovoce07) wrote in bloodclaim,

Vamped in Space

Title: Vamped in Space
Author: Sottovoce07
Setting: AU. Slightly in the future where orbital travel has become commercial.
Rating: NC/17. Spike/Xander. Sex. In space.
Disclaimer: All credit goes to Joss Whedon who owns the characters, and provides the inspiration.
Feedback? Very nice to get some.

“Your SadGeezer’s Guide Update to Babylon 5 has arrived?”

Spike was leaning against the kitchen counter, cereal bowl in hand, watching Xander do the Snoopy dance of geekly joy in front of him.

Xander pumped his legs wildly a few more times, then scooped the bowl out of Spike’s hand and swept him into a low dip before twirling him round the floor in something resembling a waltz.
Vamped in Space
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