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searching for a wip

My laptop was recently killed by a ferret and a glass of tea, and I'm trying to find all the wip's  I was following to add to my new one.  There's one that I can't remember the title or author for, but it was set in early season 7 to start.  Spike left to escape the influence of the First, moved to Pennsylvania(?) but kept in touch with Xander.  Before Sunnydale is destroyed Xander and Dawn leave and go to him, then they live together and S/X start a relationship, while taking care of Dawn and hoping for word of anyone surviving Sunnydale.  Really hope someone can help me, this was a beautiful story.  Thanks in advance, C

Update:  Thanks everyone, found it, it's Becoming Known by tistoo. When I went to tistoo's lj I was reminded about her rl woes, and remembered that's probably why it hasn't been updated. Hope she's doing ok, sounds like she's having a very tough time right now.

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