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Sour Revenge 28

The next chapter of Sour Revenge is up at my journal. I profusely apologize for the ridiculously long wait. There is no excuse other than that I'm a horrible person. Enjoy!

Title: Sour Revenge, Part 28
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: Entire series is NC-17, though this chapter's PG.
Concrit: Very welcome in comments.
Disclaimer: The characters, story, and rating system are not mine and since I'm not making any money, nobody should care that I'm using them.

Summary: Whole series written for willowschild who asked for "A variant on what happened to Xander when he cast the love spell. Only instead of attracting all women it was all men and the only one who could break the spell was his true love."

Beta'd by the fantastic and brilliant kitty_poker1.

Previous parts here.

Banner by authoressnebula

Quick re-cap in case you've forgotten what was going on

And finally the story
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