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People asked for a sequel, so here it is, and I can almost guarantee it's not what people were waiting for. I've cut it in two different places. The whole story (well, this part) starts at the first cut (obviously) but it's mostly talking about their touristy romp through good old T.O. and the second cut is where the story part starts. As a bit of forwarning, this is more of an exploration into Xander's submission then into the act of sex itself. Those of you out there who are kinky and have played with loving partners might recognize a bit of the dizzying feelings Xander goes through.

Feel free to click the links in the first part, I made sure they were current as of this morning and they'll explain a bit more (or advertise a bit more) the various things they're linked to (obviously again, but wow I'm getting wordy.)

This is another one for the Leather Challenge at indigo_crypt (I dunno... would you judge for them together, or seperately?)

First part is here.

Title: Subway Sorrows 2
Pairings: Spander
Appropriate Ratings: NC17 overall
Warnings: Kinks, kinks and more kinks. A LOT is mentioned in passing (like cross dressing and enema play) but only kink that gets explored are hoods, leather and submission.
Disclaimers: Not my characters. I make no money off this, I'm just playing. I promise to give them a bath and thorough cleaning when I’m done! Joss Whedon is my lord and Master. All hail Joss Whedon.
Short Summary: Spike and Xander get sent back into the TTC tunnels.
Word Count: 5253 (As per MS Word Count)
Beta: mistress_tien and megyal, any errors are mine and mine alone. Muchos gracias to both of ‘em for stepping into tamakin's shoes who couldn’t do it this time.
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They'd had a rather pleasant evening in Toronto. Spike had taken them to Seduction on Yonge street. Xander had felt dumbstruck at the sheer size. The basement boasted of more porn of varying tastes then he could ever enjoy in a lifetime in various formats, the main floor had toys and lube and novelties, but the upstairs was where Spike wanted Xander.

Spike rummaged through the skimpy outfits on the racks, looking for an outfit for Xander. He finally settled on a sparkly red thong and vest set, and found cuffs to match. He laid them out on a bondage bench to admire the shine and imagine its skin tight grip on the tanned skin of his boy. He couldn't help but lick his lips in anticipation.

He made his selections largely unnoticed, since Xander was so fascinated with the women's stripper outfits. The boy had picked up a strippers high heeled high platform shoes and marveled. How the hell do women walk in these things? Never mind that, how the hell do they dance?

“Want a pair pet?”

Xander yelped at the sudden soft voice in his ear, startling him back to reality from where his mind had wandered. “NO! I was just looking!”

“Oh c’mon pet, bet you’d look all sultry in that black set over there, with fishnets up your well muscled thighs. Maybe a garter belt to match? What do you say pet?”

Xander had turned a bright shade of red, darkening deeper and deeper the longer Spike spoke. “N-no thank you Spike.” He felt so light headed he thought he’d hit the ceiling. Spike had to be teasing, had to be, but he knew better then to get mouthy. If he got mouthy Spike would punish him in an unfun way. Funnishment was great! Punishment… not so much.

“And if I wanted you to wear that garb? What would you say?”

“Yes Sir.” Xander whispered, feeling the blood leave his face and start to pool a little further south. He held his hands directly over the swiftly filling bulge in his pants, eyeing the security cameras and sales staff with a bit of a panicked expression on his face. He just hoped Spike didn’t want him trying on the outfits in the fitting room. If he did, he’d get nailed for public indecency for sure, and probably a few other things when Spike saw what he looked like, because then he’d get nailed on any surface that supported their weight. He may be an amazing fighter and lover, but he’d never been what you’d call subtle, or patient.

Spike wasn’t a fool. He could tell Xander was turned on by the idea of being forced to wear women’s clothing. Yet another facet to my Xan, isn’t it? One knows I wouldn’t be able to deny him anything that makes him this happy… He smirked to himself, imagining maybe forcing him to wear make-up, maybe that maids uniform in the corner… this could be quite fun, really.

He quickly picked up the imagined and lusted upon items, and added them to the pile. He chuckled at Xander’s expression, and walked downstairs to pay.


“Bloody hell, didn’t know they closed THIS early!” Spike scowled and rattled the cage of bars in front of the store’s door. He looked at the schedule on the door, Bloody Canadian wankers! Close some days at seven, and others at nine! Well, it’s open tomorrow till nine. We should enough have time to hit the store before we have to leave the city.

“It’s alright Spike, we’ll come by tomorrow, early! We don’t have to be back in Sunnydale for days yet.”

Spike smiled evilly. “That’s right; we don’t! The guy that owns this shop is a genius with leather. Wanted him to measure you and get you a few custom items; maybe some medical sounds or something as well. Can’t wait to see you in some of the outfits I picked out pet, you’re going to look good enough to eat…”

Xander squealed playfully and scampered away down the street, running from Spike who chased after
him and pulled him into a deep doorway. Northbound Leather could wait till tomorrow, but right now he had a randy vamp on his hands. Who knew Toronto could be such a romantic getaway?


gay village
was next, Priape had a lovely selection of gay porn and toys and equipment. Spike picked up a latex inflatable butt plug, a vibrating butt plug, some porn, a few cock rings, leather suspension cuffs for ankles and wrists that were luxuriously padded, a pump action gallon of lube, some condoms and an enema kit. If nothing else, he could say that the store nestled in Toronto’s gay village had agreeable prices.

Xander stayed conspicuously silent during Spike’s gleeful shopping spree, but he kept clutching his pile of shopping bags tight against him, trying to conceal his raging erection. Spike loved knowing his boy was so turned on, meant a good night of sex ahead of them -not that the sex was ever anything but good, but now Xander would be more desperate. So tasty…


They spent a little time in the Eaton’s Center, where Xander and Spike got a kick out of the flock of wooden Canadian geese hanging from the high glassed ceiling and the giant stone fountain that spurted up a few streams of water after it had filled the bowl and drained it. Xander wanted to stick around and see if the high streams of water ever touched the ceiling, but Spike dragged him off to. It was just after nine and the mall was closing.

They followed the PATH down to their hotel even though the sun was well down, just to keep themselves familiar with the route and collapsed in their room tired after their day's shopping adventure. Xander fell on his back on the bed, and moaned something about his feet feeling like they were on fire while Spike frowned into the phone to pick up their messages.

“Xan, wake up.”

“Muh? Buh, schnuh, wha?” He sat up abruptly, rubbing sleep from droopy eyes and cool drool from the corner of his mouth. “I’m awake! No, really! I wasn’t asleep! Wait, what? Oh gawd I’m exhausted.” Xander fell back on the bed, groaning.

“Xan, we got a message from Cordelia.”

“Oh no, not tonight, PLEASE not tonight, I need sleep Spike, Xan-man is tiiiiiiiiiired. Fucking all day, and shopping as soon as the sun set, and no sleep, and big battle with big bad, not that you aren’t the Big Bad, because you are! He was just another… bad… big thing, and I’m just so exhausted Spike, please let’s just sleep, I couldn’t fight off a rabid chipmunk in this state, never mind a big uber evil. Seriously, a chipmunk could walk in here, pull a macadamia nut out of it’s cheek and beat me to death with it because I could not stop it. So tired Spike.”

“Wouldn’t let anything happen to you pet, you know that.”

”I know Spike, I’m just tired… please sleep?”

“Well, Cordy said the beastie isn’t due to need our attention till tomorrow night pet, but we need to be properly cleansed before we get there. No eatin’ from sunrise till we’re done with it, got it?”

“Then we better order room service now, and pig out as much as possible, huh?”

Spike laughed, “Always thinking with your stomach boy. Don’t worry, won’t let you starve. Pick something off the menu you’d enjoy, and something for me, gonna take a shower. We can watch a movie and get our prezzies out of the packaging while we eat, yeah? Maybe try out a few?”

He couldn’t help laughing again at the comical look of delightful brain numbing desire on Xander’s face, and the mad scramble for the phone and menu. Not gonna have a boring wait, are we?


”Why the subway again Spike? These places stink!” Xander was whining. He knew he was whining, but really, the tunnels STANK. Rats and other animals that had found their ways into the tunnels and had met gruesome deaths either by getting hit by an oncoming train, touching the third line and being electrocuted, or being killed by something else living in the tunnels.

The “something else” was why they were here. Something down in the tunnels had made TTC maintenance employees disappear. Some of the employees had reported unearthly sounds, red glowing eyes and a feeling of foreboding. Cordelia’s vision had supplied the rest of the details the duo needed in order to confront the beastie, so here they were, metaphorical guns a’blazin’!

Spike led the way, feeling somewhat irritated by the magicked powder they’d been forced to sprinkle about themselves. It kept the security cameras from seeing them which was good, but he could have done without Red’s giggling and teasing about “fairy dust”.

”So… this is one of those old abandoned stations?”

“Yeah, turns out they tried some new subway route way back in the sixties that just bollixed the whole system up more often than not, so they scrapped it. Now Lower Bay station is used mostly for storage and movie shoots.”

”Wait, movie shoots? So they use this place for a subway station in movies?”

“That’s what I said innit? It’s been in a few movies, once we go there and you see it bet you’ll place ‘em. For some daft reason they think it looks enough like a New York station to sub in… though they gotta grime it up and add some graffiti and trash about”

“Spike… how come you know so much about the Toronto subway stations? Because, seriously, it’s getting a little creepy with what you know.”

“Cordy told me about her vision, so I looked it up online. You know hotels offer free internet connection, and I had my laptop. Bloody “Lost Stations” have their own web page explainin’ all about it so I read up. Knowledge is power and all that, plus, new territory, I hate going into a fight blind. Wouldn’t normally care but now I have you to look after so it’s… important I get the best recon possible”

“So why are we going to this abandoned station again? You never gave me all the details.”

"They’re plannin’ on diverting the subway past the station for some construction. They’re doin’ that startin’ tomorrow morning. Unfortunately these blokes don’t realize a Granlock demon’s laid claim to the station and doesn’t take well to warm living trespassers. Was going to be a massacre on the morning rush hour train through here.”

“And why’d we have to starve ourselves before coming down here? Because, seriously, that New York style cheesecake they served at the Armadillo has been calling my name. Spike, it was like sex on a spoon, and I want another slice! Hell, I want a whole cake! I can smear all over you body and spend the rest of the night licking it off you. Sex and cheesecake! Perfect! No wonder the girls eat cheesecake for comfort, it makes you feel so gooooooood.”

Spike chuckled, “They smell it, makes ‘em angry and if they go into a rage they’re… much stronger then normal.”

Xander nodded and was bouncing on her toes down the tunnel, babbling happily away. He swung a battle axe around in a complex practice pattern then settled for just bouncing. Spike had promised to break in a few of the prezzies when they got home form this excursion, and Xander couldn’t wait.

“Spike, can we get a violet wand?”

“What pet?” If he wants to turn himself into a bloody warlock, good luck. My Xan may be able to lure demons from all around, but he doesn’t have a bloody magical bone in his body… unless you count my boner as a bone, and it’s not always in him anyways… I can just see his first botched spell… turning me into a turnip or other such rubbish.

“It’s this electrical thing with a glass tube. Electricity sparks hit the skin from the glass tube and lights the tube up purple. It’s supposed to feel kinda like getting a tattoo without the ink and permanent markings.”

“Why do you want one? Never mentioned an interest in electrical play before…,” alright… not a warlock…

“Well, I was… uh… reading… iwasreadingsomeporn… and… itsoundedhotsoiwanttotryit.” Xander ducked his head, feeling his cheeks burning with shame even as he tried to fight it down. Spike had spent a lot of time working on Xander’s ability to ask what he wanted, what he needed, and his ability to accept his needs as valid. He’d worked even harder on getting Xander to admit to himself just how kinky he was beneath his vanilla exterior. The deep dark perversions he was willing to let Spike inflict on him not because Spike was the dominant vampire in the relationship, but because Xander wanted it, because Xander needed it, craved it, desired it, and that those feelings were okay. Xander loved how much Spike had freed him of his inner chains of denial, but every now and then he was still hit with a shy patch, which he was now in.

Spike shook his head and tried to make sense of the rush of words. Slowly he smiled. “Still reading those S&M stories on the internet, are you?”

“Yeah… and this one had pictures… and it looked like it might be fun!” Xander looked up from beneath the fall of his bangs, looking sweetly innocent. That always drove Spike positively mad; how could Xander possibly look so innocent after everything they’d done together?

”Do you want to try it? Maybe we could rent instead of buying, I mean, I’ve never had a tattoo so I dunno how bad it’ll hurt and maybe it’ll just be too much for me. I mean, I’ve got a vampire for a Top, I’m a wuss compared to him, so maybe I won’t like it. You know what? Forget I ever said anything, because now that I think of it, I’m afraid of the pain levels here. Things could seriously be painful and bad, and wrong, and I shouldn’t have asked. I spend entirely too much time looking at online porn… Okay, fine, so I go online to look for inspiration for new things to try with you, so yeah, I guess that's why I wanted to try the wand thingy, but that’s okay, because you obviously-,” his babble was cut off in mid stream by Spike chuckling and throwing him bodily against the wall, grinding his erection against Xander’s and placing a searing
kiss on Xander’s full lips.


“Liked that, did you pet?” He nibbled teasingly on Xander’s lips, enjoying the flush of blood close to the surface.

“Yeah… don’t stop,” Xander held on tightly, not wanting the vampire to move away. He pressed himself against Spike, rubbing the length of his body against the petite vampire’s, feeling the contours of his body, and loving the smooth coolness of it.

He growled low in his throat, not wanting to stop; wanting to feel this human’s heat against his skin, to drive into it, but not now. Now they had a demon to fight and a timeline to follow.

“After pet… we can play after, promise.” He pushed the human away firmly, trembling against the need to pull him back, pull him close…. He loved finding new facets of his boy, new pieces to his puzzle. He loved helping Xander explore himself, learn about himself and others, to find out what it was he wanted from life, from love, from his body. He was already planning on going online and looking for a set to surprise Xander with, maybe on their anniversary coming up. Anything to keep my boy happy.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Xander smirked knowingly, bouncing, falling silent as he entered his fighting headspace. “Let’s get to it then…”


Xander hit the smooth tiled pillar with a grunt, thrusting himself backwards into the slim body thrusting against him from behind. The demon had been easy enough to kill since they had the element of surprise but it had gotten in one good shot on Xander. Spike had killed the beast in a possessive rage, destroying what had dared to harm his mate, his boy. After the twitching finally stopped Spike had picked Xander up and began a thorough examination of what was his, looking for any injury that might have occurred.

Xander had felt the world spin sideways when he was thrown down the length of the platform, but he’d been taught how to fall to get the least amount of damage, so he hadn’t been hurt but he’d had the wind knocked out of him. He was still panting and trying to catch his breath when a panicked Spike had picked him up and put him on a bench, continuing his examination, carefully going over every inch of him, looking for any sign of damage.

Xander looked over at what appeared to be a giant grape massacre as globs of purple goop plopped down from the ceiling smacking wetly against mounds of the stuff on the tiled floor. “You killed the giant grape monster for me?”

Spike straightened up, trying to hide the wince of sore muscles arguing against being used for such extravagant things as standing up straight. He spoke clearly and with plenty of eye contact trying to hammer home the point, “Of course I did pet, he hurt you and I got my revenge. That’s how this whole “vampire is my mate” thing works. You know I get possessive and protective…”

“Wasn’t complaining Spike, was marveling that you love me that much.”

“Of course I do! How can you even think of doubting it? Haven’t I proved it to you yet?” Spike looked hurt and a little confused… he really thought he’d finally convinced the whelp months ago; that he was over that bit of self doubt.

“You have O Guardian Of All Things Xander; you have, but every now and then you still do something amazing, and I marvel at the level of love you can feel, and feel so happy you feel that love towards me. Makes me feel whole, you know. Makes me feel safe and warm and happy… you make me feel that Spike. I love you.”

Spike launched himself to kiss Xander hard on the mouth, picking him up and pressing against him effortlessly moving him against a pillar, pressing the length of his body against Xander’s, feeling the warm human press back against him yearningly. He loved how responsive his boy was, how unashamed he’d become to show his desires and needs, it all just turned him on even more. He ran his hands hungrily down Xander’s body, caressing and stroking and appreciating the subtle curves and sculpted muscles. Slim fingers tweaked nipples already peaked and hard with desire while his mouth caught the needy moans spilling from Xander’s lips

Xander melted against his lover and slid his warm hands against his cool flesh, tracing patterns and contours along the vampire’s torso and back. Spike moaned and pressed more firmly against him, melting into his touch as Xander melted into his.

Spike spun him around and pinned his front against the tiled pillar, pressing his lithe body firmly against Xander’s back. Xander moaned and writhed and arched only to get distracted by the sound of a moist plop which made him turn his head to the giant purple glob of demon goo left behind. The sight of the single yellow eye rolling his way made his stomach roll in disgust. Eyes should not be able to blink when removed from the head. This is just… so… wrong.

“Spike, I can’t, not here, not with that… please… stop.” Oh god, gonna puke, how much of this stink is demon and how much is the tunnels? His stomach rolled again, forcing him to swallow down bile.

Spike groaned and hung his head, moving up to cradle the human against his front, placing soft kisses on his shoulder. Xander leaned back against him and Spike felt something in his pocket. He frowned, trying to place it, and beamed brightly when he finally understood what it was.

“Trust me pet?”

“Of course Spike… you know I do.” Xander was having a hard time getting his breathing under control, and hated the fact that he couldn’t complete what his body and his vampire’s body obviously really wanted to do. He just couldn’t get the sickly sweet smell of the demon’s blood out of his nose or mouth, and he kept seeing the damned thing out of the corner of his eyes, distracting him with its goopy purple messy
blurps and burps as the mass settled and slowly evaporated.

“Close your eyes.”

“Spike, I’ll still smell the thing, please, I can’t.”

“I promise you’ll like this.” Spike kept his voice low, sultry and confidential. He knew Xander would have to concentrate on his voice and words, maybe enough to distract him from the mess. “I picked it up when you weren’t looking, was hoping for a good night to bring it in, and this is perfect. Just close your eyes and trust me. I won’t leave you, I’ll always be here with you, and if you panic and need out tap me three times. Got it?”

“Yes Sir,” Xander felt himself go all breathless again. Spike wanted to play a game, a new game, a game that sounded enticing, new games were often so much fun. He felt Spike slide something against his lips, and he obediently opened his mouth, taking in the short penis shaped rubber gag with silent acceptance. What surprised and startled him was when he realized the gag was attached to a full leather hood which Spike was slowly lacing up behind his head. He heard the vampire speak, his voice muffled as the leather was slowly drawn tight around his ears.

“Remember if you need it off just tell me, I can cut the laces before you could tap me a fourth time, promise pet. Goodbye pet, I’m still here but you won’t be able to hear me. You’ll be fine, shhh…” He kept his tone soothing while he finished lacing up the hood. It was fascinating, watching the leather around his boy’s nose and mouth balloon a bit with each breath through the breathing holes, and marveled at the beauty of his Xander. Spike had thought he’d hate covering the boy’s wavy hair with the hood, but he didn’t, in fact it made him harder. His boy was in there, unable to hear, to smell, to see -- he was totally at Spike’s mercy -- and all he was getting off him was wave after wave of sweet, alluring pheromones of pure desire.

Xander was in heaven, all he could smell was the leather, it reminded him of Spike’s duster, and he immediately felt safe, and protected. He knew Spike wouldn’t leave him alone, not here, in possible enemy territory. He was safe. Breathing was slightly difficult at his normal rate so he slowed down, feeling himself relax and slide effortlessly into subspace. He was safe, and loved and cared for. Nothing would happen that Spike didn’t think he could take and Spike knew him well enough that he wouldn’t force him to do something that went against their negotiated limits and boundaries. This was where he belonged, at Spike’s mercy; in his control… it’s where he was safe.

He felt Spike carefully slide his jacket from his shoulders followed quickly by his shirt being pulled off over his head. Deft fingers danced down the dark hair of his treasure trail before his pants were undone and pulled down to his knees. Cool hands firmly bent him at the waist, pressing his hands against the filthy tile for balance as his feet were kicked further apart. He was intensely more aware of his body when all of his other senses were so totally cut off, and it was amazing how arousing his own body could be.

He could feel his erection and balls hanging like heavy ripe fruit between his legs, swaying slightly as Xander pressed back rhythmically into Spike’s gentle caress. He could feel the pre-cum collect at his cock head before dripping onto the floor with a wet splat. He’d never felt so turned on, so alive, so perfectly at peace… he couldn’t help the soft groans of need and desire which he knew Spike could hear, regardless of the sound muffling leather.

A slick digit worked its way into his consciously relaxed arse hole, stroking in and out with careful precision not to touch his prostate; even though he whined and wiggled his butt trying to get some attention on that little gland. He felt a swift withdrawal of the finger and a single stinging blow that stilled his movements. Well, stilled his wiggling but his cock still jumped at the sharp contact and drooled helplessly.

His face felt hot, flushed, sweaty, his breath circled in the hood and the moisture didn’t have anywhere to go. The soft leather of the inside of the hood caressed his face, held him snugly and kept his nose full of that enticing scent of leather. He hoped the smell never wore out; they could always get another hood but he liked this one. This was his first, and he was enjoying it as much as many of the other firsts Spike had taught him.

Oh, god, yes!! Like that!

He wanted to beg, to plead, to writhe and move against the probing fingers exploring deep inside him. He felt sweat break out on his skin as he forced himself to hold still, feeling a sob building in his chest… and before it had a chance to crest and erupt, Spike slid himself easily into him, sliding home.

This… this is where I belong, oh god Spike, don’t ever leave me, don’t make me leave you, I love you Spike, I love you, I love you, I love you. This is where I was meant to be, here, like this, with you in me, holding me, fucking me, possessing me, owning me… oh god Spike, please don’t ever let me go.

He felt more REAL in the hood, his thoughts were crystal clear, and no doubts plagued him, no fear. He knew what was real, what was fake, what was important and what only felt important. He was so grateful he had a partner like Spike, who know him so well, who never failed to amaze.

He felt his climax approaching from a long way off, it felt almost distant, not really a part of him, until it crested that last rise and swept through him like a monsoon. He’d never felt anything so intense, so powerful, so RIGHT!

… hours later, (minutes? Seconds?) he was back in his body, trying to convince himself the moisture on his cheeks was sweat and his breath and not tears… but in the hood lies were transparent, especially when he was sobbing. It was weird, he wasn’t sad, upset, or angry, it was just… a release. He felt so free, so… unencumbered with his daily worries and anxiety’s. He hadn’t realized the weights he carried every day of his life until they were taken away.

Hands slid up his body, putting his clothes back in order, where they belonged. He felt the cool stream of Spike’s cum slithering out of his dilated arse hole, felt it slowly clench up to where it belonged. Each touch was so gentle, so loving, so perfect, he just cried all that much harder. He was picked up effortlessly, cradled against a cool muscled chest that felt so good on his heated skin and carried down the steps and into the dank tunnels.

Spike let go of his legs, letting them fall to the floor, but kept his arms wrapped around Xander’s body, not wanting to loose contact. He knew his boy had broken a dam, nothing but arousal, relief and love in his every line and scent so he wasn’t worried. This was what happened when you were taken deep into your submission; deep into the place where you belonged… he’d reached this place himself when Angelus had taken him under his wing; a place every loved childe eventually found. He remembered well the glorious freedom he’d felt, and was well honored to have brought his pet to that place.

He put one of Xander’s hands on the wall of the tunnel so he could keep his balance and unlaced the hood with agile fingers well used to the task of worrying small knots and braids after a century tending his Dru.

“Open your eyes slowly pet, I brought you to a dark tunnel but everything will seem bright after the darkness in the hood.” He lovingly wiped the sweat and tears from Xander’s face, pulling out a cloth handkerchief for Xander to blow his dripping nose in. He kept one arm securely wrapped around his boy’s waist, feeling his knees trembling and knew he must feel very light headed.

“Wow…” Xander blinked rapidly, wincing at his light sensitized eyes.

“So you liked?”

“… Wow…”

“Can you say anything else then?” He laughed, and tweaked Xander’s nose before kissing the tip.

“Wow… wow… Spike?” He felt so little, even though the vampire was smaller then him, right then… he
felt so much bigger. Xander buried his face in Spike’s throat, and sobbed again, holding on so tightly he was grateful Spike didn’t need to breath or he’d be knocked out because of oxygen loss by now.

“Yes pet?”

“I love you.”

“I know pet, and you know I love you too…”

“No… you don’t… I can’t… I love you Spike. I love you so much more then I thought it was possible to love. You are… you are so perfect. Thank you so much Spike, thank you for everything, for finding me, molding me, making me love who I really am, and letting me love you. I love you Spike, I love you and trust you with my life, with my soul, with my sanity, with everything. I love you… oh god I love you so much it hurts, I love you Spike, please don’t ever leave me, please don’t ever make me leave…”

Spike held his human as he wept, stroking fingers down his back and through his sweaty hair. He offered what comfort he could, letting his body and actions speak louder then the words he quietly said in reply.

“You are mine pet. Now until death, and possibly after that, you’re mine, and I love you… I love you more then you’ll ever know. You’ve given me everything pet, everything you are and have and can be are mine, and I’ll never ever ever let that go.”

In the darkness of the tunnels two lips met in a searing kiss, murmured vows and pledges echoed in the silent emptiness as love bloomed to new heights and pleasures and devotion. A boy and his vampire, two beings who’d found what they’d been looking for in all the wrong places. Finally, they were home.

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