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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 2/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday. It is
not necessary to have read
"Vegas" first, but it may help.

Genre: Comedy.

Xander widened his stance and looked down at Spike.
"You look good with dark hair." He chuckled, his short
and curlies fringed Spike's eyebrows with his balls, full
and heavy resting comfortably on Spike's face.

"Shame on you, Pet. It's just not proper for a brand new
Consort to laugh at his Master."

In a flash, before Xander had a chance to respond, Spike
let his fangs drop and turning his head to the side, he bit
and drank deeply from the tender flesh of the inside of
Xander's thigh.

Gasping, Xander doubled over from the intensity of the
pain and pleasure.
Xander had already been half hard from the playful
touching, but now was achingly stiff and starting to leak.

Because Spike was usually so careful of him, Xander could
often almost forget what a powerful creature his lover
and Master was.

The reminder nearly made him cum faster than he had at
age 15 with his first "Big Butts for Boys" magazine.
Spike purred as he laved the bite mark with his tongue.

A tongue that to Xander felt almost rough and sandpapery
like a cats.
"Oh Fuck. Please, Spike, meow for me!'

Spike blinked just once.
At a time like this he would have swung from a tree
branch and snorted like a warthog if Xander had ask,
which knowing Xander, might not be far off the mark.


Xander immediately tossed all his neatly folded clothes
on the floor and heaved himself onto the bed landing on his
back and scrambling to kick his pants from his feet.

Still in game face and stroking his heavy sex, Spike flexed
his head first to one side then the other till it cracked on

Scraping one claw like fingernail over his own slit, Spike
scooped up the leaking precum and licked it off.
Then, swiping the back of his hand over his nose, Spike
purred loudly.

Xander could swear that when in game face Spike's tongue
grew longer and more pointed.

It reminded him of pictures of the devil they had tried to
scare him with that summer he was 8 and his mother sent
him to vacation bible school. He had kept those pictures
in the shoe box with his magazines.

Using the same finger aimed in Xander's direction,
Spike growled and let his eyes flash an evil yellow.
"Spread your legs! Feet flat on the bed! Quickly, Boy
or face punishment. I have been too easy on you."

The fierce tone and implied threats prompted Xander to
grab the base of his throbbing cock and squeeze it tightly
causing the immanent orgasm to temporarily retreat.

Spike watched as Xander's hand slowly roamed down
from his cock to the purple swelling sore of the recent
bite mark, pressing it lightly.

Xander squirmed as the sharp pain shot straight to his groin.
Spike smiled evilly "You like that? You like it when I
bite you?"
Xander groaned and nodded so hard Spike thought he
could hear the brain bounce in it's boney case.

Spike continued to stroke and pull on himself
"Good that will make it easier than having to tie you
down for a feed and a fuck"

Spike tipped his head in the direction of the night stand.
"Get the lube, Boy. I want you nice and slippery when I
slam into you."
Xander scrambled to comply.

Lying back down he held the bottle out as if it were an
offering. An accomplishment that begged for praise.
Spike's brow wrinkled and the growl that started low in his
throat left no doubt that the praise would not be forth coming.

It took Xander nearly three seconds to realize what was
He whimpered at the erotic subservience of it.

Without waiting for further orders, Xander popped the
squeeze top and poured it down the rigid shaft and tight
balls that laid snug against his body.

He flinched slightly at the contrast of cool oil on overheated
Spike's hand paused in midstroke as he watched Xander
slide first one then two fingers into his own twitching hole.

"Enough!" Spike released himself and approached the bed.
Xander quickly scissored his fingers as he slid them out and
waited anxiously.

Standing between Xander's legs, Spike grabbed him roughly
around both thighs and pulled his ass high in the air.
Licking and sucking Xander's balls, he then allowed the
boy's ass to slowly ease down into position.

As if reading Spike's mind, Xander reached down and
aimed Spike's cock at his very eager entrance.
Xander lay with barely more than his shoulders still on
the bed as Spike pushed in.

Both men froze allowing themselves the time to feel the
hot/cool thick/tight, wet/wetter feel of it.
Impatiently Xander flexed around Spike's cock and urged
him to begin the dance.

Starting out a slow waltz, Spike soon escalated to a rhymic
polka and finished on a frantic jitterbug.
Xander definitely knew Spike was the Fred Astair in this
endeavor and took himself in hand.

Stroking with the lube that was still on his fingers, Xander
quickly felt the familiar tingle start in his legs as it shot
through his battered prostate and pumped the contents of
his aching balls out the head of his swollen cock.

The ensuing rippling of his inner muscles brought Spike to
his own explosive orgasm just seconds later.
Riding out the pleasure of the aftershocks, Spike eventually
eased his deflating cock from Xander's dribbling body.

Crawling up beside him Spike wiped himself and Xander
up then pulled his Consort in tight.
"Damn, Spike, that was just excellent. Next time can
I be the evil Master and you be the victim?"

Spike's sleepy eyes lit up.
"Hell yes!"
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