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Three searches

Hi there!
Does anybody know where I can read the stories by the author Pet? (the site educated guesses isn't working...)

Then there's the fic searches...

First is a specific fic search: While in Africa Xander has a lover, an African man (human), Xander marries his sister which is with child. Xander met Spike in LA, and they had an affair, but he had the wife and child at home, so he couldn't stay with Spike. The wife ended up divorcing him, she found her own lover, and was happy. So then he was free for Spike.
Edit: Story - "They tell me it rained" by savoytruffle

This search is more general: Any slash story where Xander does the crazy thing (crazy/loopy mentally: Drusilla-crazy, brain-sucked-by-Glory-crazy and that type of thing if you catch my drift...)

I'm prepared to give out cookies to anyone who tries to help =)

Thanks in advanced,

edit: thanks to c_woodhaven for her help in narrowing down the first fich search.
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