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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 3/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.
Feedback: Always appreciated.

Basking. Afterglow basking.
Sometimes that was the best part of sex.
O.k. scratch that.
But still, it was of the good.
Unfortunately it was also short lived.

Smacking Xander on the ass, Spike jumped up and
headed for the shower.
"We've wasted enough time dicking around. Finish packing
I'm going in to wash up. Afterwards, while you shower I
will throw the bags in the car and we will be on the road."

Xander groaned. He knew there was no sense in arguing.
Spike wanted what Spike wanted.
Xander smiled at the implication of that.

He had hoped to be able to contact Willow about the
sudden and unexpected changes in his life, but really
hadn't had the chance. He thought about calling her,
but didn't want the ensuing argument/concerned
conversation. He loved his Willow, but he didn't
want anything to ruin this trip or upset his *snicker*

Maybe an e-mail. No, his laptop had already been packed
and Spike's desk top was disconnected.
Suddenly Xander's eyes lit up as he came up with the
perfect solution.

He could send a letter snail mail, but then remembered
hadn't actually owned a stamp in years.
Were they still .28?

Snapping his finger, his face lit up along with the light bulb
over his head.
'Of course! Why didn't I think of this before? I ignore the
problem and it goes away.' Xander beamed proudly.
He never failed to impress himself with his superior intellect.

Rolling off the bed, he began picking up the suitcase and the
clothes that had fallen to the floor earlier.
Stuffing the bag full again he searched around for the favorite
shirt he had been folding when his vampire attacked.

"Why there you are, my pretty."
Spotting the flowered hem of it sticking out from under
the bed, Xander grabbed it up and screamed.

"Goddamn it Spike. You used my best flowered shirt to
wipe my ass! It's" sniff sniff "ruined!"

With the water cascading down his body Spike chuckled.
"Sorry, Pet. Didn't hear a word of that. I'm almost done
here so whatever isn't ready doesn't go. And that
includes you. Besides that was a stupid shirt and I can't
be seen with you in something like that. You know,
vampire rep and such."

"It was not stupid! I paid $10.00 for that shirt at the 'Can't
Say No Surf Shop'. Hey, I thought you couldn't hear me!
You evil fiend you!"

Only vampire ears would have heard Spike's reply of
"Can't say no my ass. Should have said 'Oh hell no.'
Or maybe 'Oh fuck no. Only an idiot would have said 'yes.'"

Even though Xander knew Spike would never leave without
him, he quickly secured the bags and set them on the floor,
then with his shirt still in his hand, shrugged and took one
more swipe at his dribbling puckered hole just as the
bathroom door swung open and, drifting in on a fog of
steam, Spike entered the room.

"Hurry Love, time's a wasting." Xander angrily thrust the
soiled shirt into Spike's hands and stomped off to clean up.
"To use one of your own words, Spike, you are a wanker!"
Spike smiled broadly. "Not any more, Pet."

Spike held the offensive fabric at arms length wondering
how to dispose of it. Finally, rolling it into a tight ball,
he tossed it under the far corner of the bed.
"There we go. A little pressie for the next tenant."

Dressing quickly Spike loaded the bags in the back of the
car finishing just as Xander jerked up his jeans and tugged
down his tee.

They both took one look around and turned out the lights.
There was nothing there they needed.
They had money and each other.
The world was their oyster.

"So, Spike, you never did say where we are going." Xander
buckled his seat belt the instant he got in the car. He wasn't
the fool everyone thought him to be.

"Gave it a lot of thought I did." Spike settled back in his
seat, one hand on the wheel and slammed his foot peddle
to the floor.

The car roared to life, the tires screaming (almost as loudly
as Xander) and he whipped out into traffic.

He ignored Xander's clutching wildly at the dashboard and
continued thoughtfully.
"Seeing as how this is your honeymoon I tried to think of the
most romantic spot on earth. The one place you have
always wanted to go."

Xander immediately forgot about the reckless operation
citation Spike was begging for.
He gasped, turned his head to face his love and, with
awe in his voice, ask reverently

"Do you mean...? Are you saying....? Oh God Spike,
please don't play with me like this."

Spike patted Xander benevolently on the knee.
"That's right, Love. Only for you. We are on our way to
Roswell New Mexico. Home of the aliens."

Xander wiped a tear from his eye.

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