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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 4/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.

Spike was delighted that he had made his consort so happy.
He noted that for the first couple hours Xander was cute
in his childlike enthusism.

He had insisted on stopping at the first Grabit - n - Go they
He bought several sacks full of obnoxious sugary snacks
that loaded up the back seat and a road atlas which he
proceeded to spread out on his lap.

"We can follow our progress and catch the best routes to
take. This is gonna be great. Do you think we will see any
aliens, Spike? Maybe we can go out on to the desert and
find a piece of spaceship that got missed. What do ya think?"

Spike was starting to get a niggling little feeling in the back
of his brain.

The next three to four hours Spike continued to smile as
Xander babbled on.
Non stop.
The smile was starting to twitch at the corners.

The niggling was now taping on the cortex and scraping it's
fingernails on the blackboard of Spike's brain begging

Reaching down casually Spike cranked up the volume on
the CD player and relaxed as the Sex Pistols screaming
blessedly filled the air.

'Now that's more like it' He attempted to lose himself in
their lyrics of violence and decadence.

"So what do you think, Spike?" Xander flipped off the
radio and turned to face him.

From the look on Xander's face he expected a serious
Although he had absolutly no idea what bizarre track
Xander's conversation was on, Spike sighed and took a
wild stab at it.

Xander looked horrified.
His eyes bugged and his mouth hung open.

'Fuck, must have been the wrong answer'

Xander turned back around in his seat, gave it some deep
thought, and then again faced the vampire he trusted to
protect him.

"Well, if the aliens do abduct and anally probe me I just want
you to remember I will be thinking of you the whole time."
Just as suddenly the serious contemplation gave way to a
beaming grin.
"So you think we will make Phoenix by morning?"

Spike really did not want to have to kill his new Consort.
After all then he would be right back to where he was before.
All alone and getting no sex.

No, that was a situation he would never find himself
in again. And he really did love Xander. He just needed to
impress on him the fact that this babbling was driving Spike
crazier than a shit house rat.
And he needed to do it NOW.

Maybe a subtle hint.
Yea, that was it.
Low key.
Nothing too obvious.

"Xan, Love, if someone was to murder a human what would
be the best was to dispose of the body where no one
would ever find it?"

Xander stopped talking.

Spike mentally patted himself on the back as he watched
the wheels spin in the brain of his one and only.

"Oh, oh, wait, I know this one. First you drain out all the
blood in the bath tub then you cut off the arms and legs
and head. Next you put the body parts through a wood
chipper, mix it with buckets of slop and feed it to the pigs.

Spike stared open mouthed.
His undead heart swelled with pride.
How could he have ever been annoyed with this perfect
boy sitting beside him.

"Oh, God, Pet. I am so turned on right now!"

Xander immediately unfastened his seatbelt and pounced
on Spike's crotch with gusto.
Unzipping his too tight jeans, Xander wrestled the beloved
Spike snake from his confines and proceeded to slap a
lip lock on him with a suction that could remove cat hair
from velcro.

"Teeth, love! Mind the teeth. Ahhh. That's better."
Spike adjusted the angle of the steering wheel to allow
Xander more room to work, put the car on cruise control,
and relaxed back for a pleasant blow job.

Xander fumbled for a moment with his own pants to allow
Mr. Palmer and his five boys access to a painful hard on
that was begging for a little personal attention.

Spike found it somewhat annoying that Xander was
temporarily distracted from his duty, but hey, he prided
himself on his generosity during sex and was therefore
willing to overlook his mates personal manual manipulations.
As long as Spike got to cum, what the hell.

Adjusting himself, Xander was able to squeeze and stroke
his own muscled meat while devoting almost all his attention
on Spike.
After all when you do something as often as Xander
masturbated, it became second nature.

He licked around the crown pressing his tongue against
the bundle of nerves on the underside.
He deep throated till he could swallow tightly around the
head while burrowing his nose deeply in the nest of light
brown (?) bristley hairs.

Spike ran his hands through the head of soft dark hair
nestled fully in his lap, all the while keeping up a litany of
murmured obscenities.

"Yea, just like that. Fuck that's good. What a sweet little
cocksucker you are. Gonna ride that mouth till I pump
it full of cum. Suck me, Xan. Suck my cock."

Using his free hand, Xander felt around and wiggled his
fingers into the open black jeans. Scooping the tight balls
into his hand, Xande rolled them to the side and ran a
fingernail sharply against the soft skin behind.

The sharp stimulation caused Spike to jerk and skid across
three lanes of traffic cuming fiercly to the blare of angry
horns and flipped fingers.

Xander reacted to the smell and taste by releasing his own
orgasm onto his hand and the car's Tweety Bird floor mat.
Licking Spike clean, Xander tucked them both away and
resnapped his seat belt with a satisfied smile.

"No offense, Spike, but you sure do talk a lot."

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