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Loyal & Gentle (Tribute to petxnd's Bouncer)

Friend Petxnd lost her beautiful Bouncer last week and asked for more of this story - Daisy obliged... Hope you enjoy...

Title: Loyal and Gentle Author: Archived at: Here only.
Pairing: Xander/Spike Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes. Also species manipulation & dark themes.
Summary: Petxander is very childlike pupose bred and pampered... and yet... when a dimensional shift pushes the two between their realms... Poor Master? Poor Pet!!? .
Warnings: M/M – if you don’t like boys together, don’t play here! Not BDSM but slavery of sorts Disclaimer: Don’t own the characters nor make any money from stories etc, and bow down to their original creators Joss, et al., plus all the wonderful online writers who continue to give the Buffy/Angel verse characters life.

In Memory of Bouncer

Pet!Xander lay on his favourite sheepskin beanbag covered by his favourite soft rug and another thick duvet. Teddy was cuddled close to his chest but he was *miserable*. He was never ill but now felt unbelievably cold and too hot all at once. His head ached and skin itched.

Master was there looking worried, then a nice doctor was examining him, taking his heart rate and blood pressure, then saying words he really didn’t understand. So he finally gave up and tried to concentrate on the cool hand of Witch Willow as she stroked over his forehead and kept speaking soothing words like, “You’ll be fine honey” and “Just sleep for now OK?” After the lady doctor took his temperature and he lay as still as possible for her as she examined his nude form lifting the covers temporarily, he heard her say “Chicken Pox”. He immediately panicked. He was turning into a chicken! That’s why it was so hot in here!

Willow noted his distress but it was Spike who heard the heart rate, already elevated because of the fever, accelerating to a near impossible speed as his dear pet began to hyperventilate.

“Oh bloody hell!” Spike turned to the doctor, “Boy’s s’posed to be immortal or some such… How? Why?!”

The doctor was familiar treating a variety of humans and demons. Indeed had been fascinated by Pet!Xander’s inability to age. She knew Spike’s status and his Mate’s ‘special’ situation, “You said you have visited his home dimension?”

“’S right, what of it? Boy’s counterpart is a vamp – not like he can catch anything there.”

“Were any of his younger relatives showing signs of illness?”

“Not that I recall.” Spike stopped for a moment and thought harder, “Tell ya what though, the littlest bloke, Justin was a might feverish – well just bloody unwell when it came down to it, Xan here did a lovely job cheering the lad on the second day we were there.”

The doctor simply nodded and smiled a little, “The timing is perfect. Your Xander susceptible to disease in that realm; two weeks to develop… The signs are all here, your lovely friend here has is a definitely Chicken Pox.”

“And my blood?”

“Oh that will help calm and comfort, but this has come from the other dimension, so essentially it just has to run its course.”

“But what about Red here,” Spike nodded at Willow, “Can she help?”

“Not really, given that the spots have already started. Just keep him comfortable, use something to stop him from scratching too much. Calomine lotion is old fashioned but still about the best thing around, it will quiet down the immediate irritation.”

He was going to be a *spotted* chicken, it was already starting and even Witch Willow was powerless to stop it!

People ate chickens. He knew that they did in this world of new rules. He promised himself that after the change his master would be proud of him. He would try not to scratch the ground as he had seen chickens do, and he resolved to drink as much of that lotion as possible and be *very* quiet. He was a good pet – and even if he did have feathers and a beak he *knew* he could be good. He decided to appeal to master before his speech became a cluck.

As the doctor departed and Witch Willow led her to the door, Pet!Xander frantically struggled free of his covers, taking his teddy with him for comfort, and fell to the ground in front of Spike, taking on a full down position. It made his head spin and he felt decidedly hot and cold in succession, so was glad to rest his forehead on the cool floor.

“I will be good for you Master I promise I will be good, even if I am a rooster I will still try to be a good pet! I promise I will try not to scratch too much… and I won’t crow in the mornings… I promise I won’t crow!!! But Master *please*, *please* keep me…”

Spike was utterly at a loss to sort out the garbled words as his dear Pet pulled the teddy close and began to sob and rock in real distress. He contemplated calling back the doctor, but according to her, his dear one had a simple case of Chicken Pox… and with that thought he stopped and ran over the lad’s previous words.

Taking a punt he sat on the ground hauled the brunette into his lap and bit hard into his own thumb. Pet!Xander accepted the digit and sucked, occasionally hiccupping as he accepted the comforting cuddle and tried to calm despite his ongoing terror. At least Master still loved him enough to hug him despite his apparent looming status change.

Once the worst had passed, Spike stroked his sick friend’s sweating brow, and held him close purring quietly for a time, then sat back kissed him on each eye firmly before leaning back a little to look Pet!Xander in the eye and said as soothingly as he could. “Now Luv… Can you tell me… what’s all this about a rooster?”

Pet!Xander stared at his master with glassy fear filled eyes, “You… The doct… [hic] She *said* I had… had… *Chicken* pops and that I [hic]… and Witch Willow can’t help and I will have to live in that cage outside and teddy will be inside and you won’t love me if I’ve got feathers and how can I pleasure you if all I have is beak… Oh *Master* *Why* did this happen! I’ve been so good! [hic] *Why*??”

Before Pet!Xander had an opportunity to bury his head again Spike kissed him on the forehead then held him firm, caught the glazed gaze again and said, “You daft bugger, you’re no gonna turn into anythin’. You’ve got a bloody virus as makes you sick, like now, then you’ll come out in a rash and get all itchy like. And I’ll look after you and Willow and Dawnie… and then… You’ll heal and be all better.”

Pet!Xander sniffed once more then managed a slightly hopeful look, “That’s all??”

“Long and the short of it, Pet.”

“No feathers?”


“And no crowing?”

Spike was going to say something about ‘crowing about his Master’s prowess in the bedroom’, but decided it was not the time. “No crowing, no beak, no bloody scratching around the yard.”

Pet!Xander fell against Spike panting a little, ridiculously relieved, now exhausted and still very ill. The vampire lifted the boy back onto his bag, tucked teddy under his arm, then covered them both with the rug and duvet once more. He opened his wrist, waited until the weak suckling began then stroked Pet!Xander’s hair until the brunette fell asleep.

Four days later Pet!Xander felt and looked like he had been used as a meal for a whole colony of ants. His Master had just finished lovingly washing him with a soft cloth in a bath that contained a measure of medical disinfectant. Now he stood dry but still irritated and miserable as Witch Willow dabbed pinkish lotion all over his skin and told him how well he was doing.

His Master had bound his hands in familiar suede pouches brought back on one of their trips to visit his brother. It was aimed at stopping him from scratching after he all but tore open his torso on the first night the spots appeared. He had been strangely reassured by the familiar binding, and the fact the Master had continued to spoil him in every conceivable way since he became ill, with one exception – and it *was* something he worried about - pleasuring had always been part of their day or night as the case may be.

He waited for Willow to withdraw from their bedroom before kneeling silently in a respectful half kneel, bound hands behind his back and head down.

Spike waited for a few moments then asked, “What’s up Pet?"

Pet!Xander whispered, “Master… I um… I have… um… Oh Master! Witch Willow is so good at the lotion… but Master…” he squirmed uncomfortably, “Um…” he squirmed again and this time could not help rubbing his nether regions with a clad right hand – even though he had been specifically told not to scratch then blurted out, “Master, I know she doesn’t mean to but she keeps *missing* some bits with the lotion! And I am so itchy and sore all at once and… Oh Master I am sorry to complain.”

Spike dropped his gaze to Pet!Xander’s crotch and saw the masses of tiny sores ‘in and around' his tender parts. Willow had obviously avoided the region with her ministrations. Spike would have smiled at her embarrassment (given Xander was regularly nude in her presence when at home) had it not been for his pet’s distress, “Well I reckon I can do something about that, pet. Go lie on your back on your bag and let Master care for you.”

Pet!Xander nodded then rose rather gingerly, and did as instructed, he had tiny sores in places that rubbed when he walked.

He closed his eyes as he waited for his master to dab the lotion on using a cotton pad, so cried out in surprise and joy when a cool tongue laved over the entire area, carefully licking over the dotted sack and junction where legs met crotch; down and over the puckered entrance with its set of little sores; then engulfed his tortured member in a cool mouth and swallowed him to the hilt.

It had been more than two weeks since he had been pleasured or returned the favour, Pet!Xander arched off the bed as Spike pulled off and the cool slightly bleeding tongue slid under the foreskin and soothed the aggravated sores there before engulfing him again. It only took five such passes and Pet!Xander came hard. Spike swallowed the thick liquid as it came and let the patient collapse back onto his beanbag utterly spent.

Spike then applied the lotion to the stricken (and still somewhat flushed) areas then lay down on the beanbag also, spooning his now sated Mate with a cool body. He kissed the boy and as Pet!Xander squeezed the arm that circled his waist, the pet decided to one day thank the chicken who had infected him in his brother’s dimension.

He really didn’t mind being sick if it meant his Master doing… [a hand slid down to his now recovering erection and a stiff member slotted along the crevice of his rear]… Ooooohhh *that*!



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