Darker_Fae (darker_fae) wrote in bloodclaim,

In Memory Of A Dear Friend

Thirteen years ago I got a black and tan cross breed from the Dog's Home. I called him Bouncer.

He became my dear friend. He was the gentlest, sweetest natured, most loyal, affectionate and patient creature God ever made. He was the inspiration behind Petxander, the genetically modified, loyal and gentle companion of Spike.

Josie (Rngrdead) wrote the most wonderful Loyal & Gentle incorporating this idea. I cannot thank her enough.

Just over a week ago, Bouncer was 'put to sleep' due to liver failure following a diagnosis of Cushing's Disease last Christmas.

I lost a dear friend. The wonderful Josie has written this chapter in the lives of Petxander and Spike as a tribute to Bouncer's memory and I thank her.

The dog in this picture is Bouncer

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