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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 6/23
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.
Feedback : Always appreciated

"Think about it , Spike. Ever notice how if you walk into
a place and just act like you belong there nobody questions
you? Well that's what we are going to do."

Xander beamed brightly. He had the look of a man who
had just invented the perpetual motion machine, solved global
warming or discovered the solution to the mystery of the
missing sock in the dryer.

"That's it? That's your big plan? Shit I hope stupidity isn't
fuckin' contagious or I might never bite you again!"

"Pfft. Oh, yea, like that's gonna happen. So then what the
fuck is your idea?"
Spike tried to wipe the blank look off his face, but the fact
was, he had no better idea.

Without waiting for his long overdue apology, Xander jumped
from the car and headed for the door leading to the lobby,
Spike scrambled out, hot on his heels.

Marching brazenly past the front desk, Xander waved his arms
dramatically in the air and announced,
"Visiting my Aunt. Already know the room number." They
sailed by catching no one's interest or attention.

Shocked that his idea had actually worked, Xander slipped
around the corner dragging Spike with him.

Clapping his hands together gleefully and bounced on the
balls of his feet, Xander giggled manically.
"It worked. He he. It actually worked."

Spike briefly considered slapping Xander across the face.
It wasn't that Xander was hysterical, it was just that it would
make Spike feel a whole lot better to slap him.
"O.k. Einstein, we got in. Now, where the fuck is the blood?"

Very comfortable in his new role a team leader, Xander tapped
his fingers on his chin.
"I suggest a recon of the subterranean levels."

Spike blinked

Xander placed his hands on his hips. "We search the basement,
"Goofus? Hey, show a little respect for your Master, boy, or it
will be a long time before I recon the fuck out of your subter-anal
level again."

Both men knew it was an empty threat, but it was taken for
what it was.
Bowing deeply, Xander backed down.
"On to the elevators, Master."

Spike flipped up the collar on his beloved coat, straightened his
stance and strode off down the corridor. Just before reaching
the end of the hall, he froze in his tracks.

"Xan, look!" Xander stopped. He didn't need to look at
what Spike was pointing too.
He could already see the daylight breaking over the horizon.
They had misjudged the time.
They were trapped.

Darting into the elevator, Spike hit the "B" button.
Xander tried to calm him.

"Look, let's not panic. This might just work out o.k.
These hospital basements are huge. All types of nooks and
crannys. We find some blood, locate a quiet corner and
settle in for the day."

Spike still hadn't decided if Xander's eternal optimism
was one of his good qualities or one of the ones that was
going to cause Spike to insert a Doc Martin up his ass.

At least if it got stuck there, they were already in a place
where it could be surgically removed.
Spike shrugged. "Yea, sounds good."

The elevator doors swung open.
Gingerly the duo stepped out and checked the area.
Not only did they appear to be alone, but the wall facing
the elevator had a huge sign which read:

Hematology --->

"Well that was thoughtful." Xander grabbed Spike's hand
and headed in the direction of the offered vamp lunch.

Always mindful of personnel who might not appreciate a
vampire snacking on their reserves, both men eased their
way down the halls and around the corners.

Arriving at the lab, they were pleased to see the hours posted
on the door. Clearly all staff ended their work day at
5 p.m. and wouldn't be back till 9 in the morning.

"Wow this couldn't have worked out better, huh Spike?
You fill up and we are settled into a supply closet before
anyone shows up for work. Are we lucky or what?"

Spike flinched at the jinx causing comment and briefly
worried that it was just all too easy, but hey, maybe he was
just worrying for nothing.

The door lock was weak and took little effort to force open.
Deciding it was better not to turn on the lights, Spike shifted
to game face and used his vampire sight to locate a large
cooler in the rear of the room.

Opening the door, he stepped back and took an unneeded
There before him was the blood.
Lots of blood.
Rack after rack of bagged human rich red blood.
It was enough to make a vampire cry.
"Steady big guy." Xander placed his hand on Spike's back.

"Look, I assume you are gonna be here a while, so I need
to go find a little boy's room."
Patting his stomach Xander headed for the door. On the
way out he noticed a discarded newspaper in the trash
and snatched it out.

"Ooo. Reading material. Waving it over his shoulder he
"Headed to the library, Meet ya back here later. Enjoy."

Spike absently responded with a flip of the hand before
grabbing two bags from the shelf.

In the dark neither man had noticed the sign posted on
the front of the cooler which read

"Drug contaminated blood. Do Not Use."


The BmblBee loves to know who is reading.
Feedback warms her buzzing little heart.
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