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fic search

Desperately need help finding a story.  It was a humor theme about S/X, and poking fun at fanfiction, such as everyone always c***s together, first times never hurt, second times are better than first times, etc.  It had Spike putting a c***ring on Xander that was too small=er visit, and Xander wearing a buttplug that won't come out= another er vist.  So basically Spike and Xander keep trying to have sex, but something always goes wrong, in the end Willow tricks them into a hotel room together and enchants the room so they can't leave, and they finally have the sex. I loved this story, ROTFLMAO funny, hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks much, C

Yes! It was The Big Bang Theory by toobusy2write.  (And Fan Fic Made Me Gay by Jameschick looks good, too.)  Thanks sooo much everyone!
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