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A Consort's Holiday

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.

"HOLY FUCK, Spike! Your whole body is cold
as ice!"

Xander had stepped back jerking his hand away from
the body he usually worshipped.
This should be repulsive.
This should be a complete turn off.
Yet somehow....

Xander was reminded of the time he was alone, drunk,
holding a grape popsicle..
No! That was a memory best not revisited.

The small hand towel covering Spikes crotch was
now tented obscenely away from his body.
Spike lay back, still smiling, and waited to see what his
consort would do next.

Most thought his boy was limited, mentally, but Spike
knew better. Xander had an imagination that could
wander into territory few would ever comprehend.

Bending at the waist, Xander looked into the opening
Spike had just been pulled from.
"That drawer was kinda like a cave, wasn't it Spike?"

And yep, there it was.

All the lead in Spike needed.
He wasn't sure if it was the blood bond between them, or
maybe they were just getting more insinc.
Whatever it was, Spike could catch the ball and run with
it on a very short punt.

"Was a dark damp cave, Love. Full of stalagmites.
Retrieved a big one I did. Needs full exploration and

Xander immediately turned his back to Spike and rushed
to the far end of the room.
Rummaging quickly, he found what he needed.
Dropping his clothes, he grabbed the selected items and
whirled back around.

Wearing an oddly detached look on his face, Xander slowly
approached the table.

"Good morning Dr. Sirrah. It is I your faithful, trusty assistant.
I am prepared to help you explore the odd formations
you have extracted from the cave."

It took all the self control Spike could muster not to snort
and snicker as he noted the pump bottle of hand lotion
Xander carried and the apparatus strapped to his head.

It was a type of head band that circled his forehead with
a large round light in the front.

"Good lad. Have at it young Xander."

Xander immediately snatched off the towel and flung it over
his shoulder. Snapping on the light, he aimed it's beam
directly on the head of Spike's unique, protruding formation.

Circling the table, Xander never took his eyes or light off the
twitching, leaking cock.
"We seem to have some bizarre excretions here, Professor.
Without my chemical testing kit handy I am going to have to
taste it to determine it's origins."

Xander leaned over and swiped his tongue across the head
dipping the tip deep into the slit to scoop out all the bubbles.

Groaning, Spike let his head drop back down to the metal slab.
"Oh, fuck yea. Go on, Xan. Suck it."

Xander quickly stepped back wagging his forefinger back
and forth in Spike's direction. "Can't do that, Professor.
That would cause the formation to heat up. We need to
keep it cold as possible for the test results to be accurate."

Quickly getting impatient, Spike was just about ready to tell
him "Fuck the results" when he opened his eyes in time to
see Xander leap to the narrow table and straddle Spike's

Using the pump bottle of antibacterial hand lotion, Xander
pushed the plunger twice dropping two large blobs of cream
directly on the head of Spike's aching cock.

Grabbing the suspicious formation in his hand, Xander was
careful to slide his fist up it only enough to coat it but not
enough to warm it. Positioning himself, Xander hovered
while Spike held firmly to his assistants hips.

"We do this for all mankind, Professor. One tight hole for man,
One giant cock for mankind"
And Xander dropped down, ramming the freezing cold cock
into his hot, hungry body.

Both men shouted from the physically painful feel of the sharp


Xander took only a few seconds to adjust.
He wanted to ride this cockcicle hard before it had a
chance to warm up.

He couldn't believe anything that cold could feel so hot
bumping and rubbing him all up inside.

Spike was speechless.
He felt as though he was on fire from the tip
of his dick to the sudden melting in his balls.

Xander rode fast and hard causing the light still strapped to
his forehead to bounce around, shining on everything
and nothing.

All the sensations combined with the 24 hour deprivation and
mental fantasy were quickly proving too much for Xander.
"Shit! Quick Professor, help me hold it. I think an
eruption is imminent."

Spike wrapped a cold fist around Xander's burning, leaking
volcano and began to stroke. Leaning forward with his hands
flat on Spike's chest Xander stiffened and came shooting thick
globs over Spike's hand and onto his belly.

The release was so hot on his over chilled body that Spike felt
his stomach muscles clench and contract just as his own cock
twitched and filled the warm body with cool release.

As he felt the first cold fluid pump up, Xander leaned down,
silently waiting for what they both needed.
Spike bit.

Both men felt the familiar love and comfort overwhelm them
as the blood was sucked from one body into the other.

After relaxing and riding out the after shocks,
Xander lifted himself up and off.
"Make me a promise, Spike. Let's never sleep apart
again. O.k?"

Spike sat up and hopped off the table.
Kissing Xander deeply, he gave the two finger boy scout oath.
"Promise, Love. Never again."
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