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A Consort's Holiday 10/26

TITLE: A Consort's Holiday 10/26
RATING : Very Adult
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in
this story and make no money
off anything including
any products named.
SUMMARY: This story is a follow-up to
"What Happens In Vegas"

The newly mated couple decide
to take a little holiday.

Genre: Comedy.

Rick had taken plenty of time to finish his dinner.
He was fairly certain by the time he returned they would
be gone, but he wanted to be sure.

When Spike's body was discovered in the hallway, he knew
immediately both what and who he was.
William the Bloody.
In his morgue.

While it was thrilling to be so close to a legend it
was also frightening.

He had a really good thing going for himself.
All he had to do was report for work, which was far away
from the sunlight, and wait.

Sooner or later his lunch was delivered to him.
He drained the body, prepped them and shipped them to a
funeral home. Didn't get any easier than that.
No hunting, no effort.

And that's the way he intended to keep it.
A famous vampire like Spike brought attention to
his cushy setup.

Plus, a human?
They were nothing but trouble.
Nope, they had to go.

Cautiously, Rick pushed open the door to the morgue
and peeked in. The room was empty, thank God.
The clothes he had hung on the rack were missing and oddly
enough so was his head lamp.

The steel table to slab 23 was still pulled out.
When Rick approached to close it, he saw smears and stains.
Sniffing them deeply he recognized the smell of
fertile human semen.

Glancing back at the door to assure himself that he was alone,
Rick leaned low and allowed his long pointed forked tongue
to lap up every drop left behind.
Growling and snuffling he licked the table clean.

After leaving the morgue, Spike and Xander embarked on a
quick shopping trip through the hospital.
First they located a small red and white
ice box marked "organ transport."
It was perfect. Well insulated with self contained ice packs
and room for at least six pints of blood.

Next, they popped in one of the staff locker rooms and
slipped into matching white orderly coats. With name tags
pinned in place, orderlies Sedlack and Mills walked confidently
to the emergency room and filled the cooler with blood.

Then, shedding the disguises, the strolled off to claim their car
and get back on the road.
All in all a pleasant side trip.

Pulling back out on to the highway, Xander spread out the
atlas and checked their progress.
"If we make really good time we should be through Arizona
by morning."

As casually as possible, Xander watched Spike out the
corner of his eye. Something was bothering him and he might
as well get it out in the open.

"Say, Spike, my undead little lamb, when I found you
you were naked. Rick the Prick didn't take any liberties
with your puckered appendage did he?"

Spike's normally smooth brow wrinkled down as he wriggled,
scooted and flexed in his seat. Just to be sure he gave it the
ultimate test.
He squeezed and clenched his ass muscles. Finally relaxing
back in his seat he beamed.

"Nope, no squish, no drip, no twinge. I'm apparently
Seeing that answer bring great relief to Xander, Spike
pressed on.
"Say, Xan, you know this is a holiday which means
the whole trip is part of the fun. Not just the destination, right?"

Xander looked suspiciously at his partner.
"So what are you saying? Cause I want my aliens, Spike.
Please don't think you are getting out of taking me to the aliens."

"No no! Nothing like that. Just noticed that we are a couple
hours away from Phoenix. They got some really great clubs
there. Clubs that don't care who is dancing. Demon, human,
any combination there of."

Spike glanced out the corner of his eye to see if he could
gauge how well Xander was taking the suggestion of an
extra stop.

"Hell yes!" Xander bounced in his seat.
"The chance to dance and cuddle with my best vamp?
I'm definitely up for that."

Spike was tickled. It wasn't that he didn't want to go to
I mean who wouldn't be excited about standing
out in an open field to look for something that doesn't exist?

Spike mentally patted himself on the back.
He really was a benevolent master. Not too many vampires
would go to such extremes to please a human.

Course when he is proven right and New Mexice turns out to
be a bust, the apology sex could be stretched out for weeks.
Yea, he still might be able to turn this holiday to his advantage.

It took no time to arrive at their destination.
It was a club Spike had been to years before a time when
there were Scoobies. A time when he traveled around
the country searching demon clubs in every big city he
came too.

Hunting frantically for his dark princess only
to find her happily being tortured by a hipp'E demon.
It was just another in a long line of miserable times in his
unlife. Course it also had it's up points. After all, it was
the 1960's.

Ah the 60's.
It's true what they say.
If you can remember the 60's you probably weren't there.

But those were day's best not dwelled on.
He had Xander now and a full evening of fun ahead.

Pulling up and parking into the first handicapped spot he
could find, Spike slammed the car into 'park' and cut the motor.

"Heads up, Pet. We're here."

"Ah, Spike, I think this is a handicap spot. Maybe we
better move."
Spike was already jumping out of the car and heading
around to open the car door for his pet.

"Don't be silly. I'm dead. How much more handicapped
can you get?"
Made sense.
Xander climbed out and scanned the outside of the club.

The line waiting to get in was long and the music booming
from inside reverberated through the sidewalk into their feet,
up their legs and settled into their cocks.
Oh, yes, this promised to be an evening to remember.


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